Career and Profession Project

Dorian Owenby

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Owenby Antiques & Rare Goods

The duties of owning an antique store include finding the antiques form “barn fresh” resources. Finding antiques from other stores can be expensive and those products are already found and accounted for. You also have to acquire good negotiating skills and bartering skills.

You have to have a good location for the store. Barns, gas stations, warehouses, and banks make great locations for antique stores due to the history of the building

What I would be doing would be driving around hunting antiques in barns and estate sales. I would be the only employee so therefor I would be the one cleaning and paying the bills. I would be the one negotiating the prices of the products and dealing with the other day to day duties.

The expectations of owning an antique store would be to serve every customer as a brother or sister. Hospitality and “family style” will be the main way that my business will operate. There will be no dress code nor set work hours. Sense my business will operate on my property next5 to my home I will assign rough hours but no set times. This business will be a private sector organization and I will work on holidays since my passion is antiques, weekends will also be an option for business hours.

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For my career and business

I will need knowledge of history and scarcity of items. Good people skills will be necessary on a daily basis. Another good thing that I will need to know is negotiation and bartering. I will need to know the different genres of antiques, styles, and prices.

Some of the life skills I will need are common sense, technical knowledge with motors, and salesmanship.

When it comes to the salary

There is no set pay. The salary is based on how much you sell or trade for in a week of work whether that be Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday. Also the money you make depends on how much profit you make on all the items.

There are no known certifications that are required, although a history course in college would be good to have.

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Some benefits of this profession would be the personal accumulation of most profit minus the overhead and purchase of product. Since this profession is a private business and is self employed there will have no specific retirement or insurance that I will be offered.

work environment

ed there will have no specific retirement or insurance that I will be offered.

The typical work environment will be a barn or old building with clutterd spaces and dusty relics. The books are stacked high and the vintage clothes hang limply on there bent hangers. Sunlight streams as if made of silk through the cracked and dirty window. This store location will be in the mountains of north Carolina or Georgia. My day will start out waking up and walking down the field to the store. Unlocking the door i step into the cluttered building which is near the main road. Once the lights are on and the doors are unlocked, it is time to wait for the customers to arrive. It may take a while for the people to come in because it is away from the town. Once someone comes in and the buy something and they leave and wait for the next person. I will not be working with anyone.

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important ways of getting more money

One of the most important ways of getting more money is through advertisement.

The most important thing to do when advertising and marketing is to make the consumer think of you first when they need the product. So you have to make your business known in the community and local regions ("Advertising").

The demand for an antique store

The demand for an antique store is little to scarce, which makes it a speciality store that only appeals to collectors and history buffs. The market for antiques is determined on how much auction prices have gone or on that years price guide (which are auction prices).

the market for antiques will probably increase due to the practice of repurposing and home decorating. These practices have skyrocketed over the last few years and will continue to increase. For example; a old but clean fishing creel could be used as a pocket book for a woman. The part of the United states where this profession would be most needed would be on the east coast. Some top antique stores how ever, according to internet reviews are located in the central and west coast. There are no specific ways to open a store of this kind. A college history degree or course would be helpful to know your stuff about what you sell. Internships in the antique world are very common. old timers would take the young treasure hunters out to look for old things and teach them what stuff is worth and what is what. today this is still the case only finding the antiques are not as demanding due to the internet and the continuous flow of relics on the mainstream market. In the country where my store would be however, there will be no mainstream markets. The only way I will find the products will be through elders or country auctions. Good colleges that have some of the best history programs are; University of Georgia, University of Florida ("Best") (Verderame) (travel).

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Question that I will have for an employer or other people will be, what is the current fad in the design realm or fashion world. Another would be the life expectancy of the business.

The college

The college that I would like to attend is The University of Tennessee. The university has a great history program that offers American history course. The school is in Knoxville Tennessee across the border from North Carolina. ("Researching")
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the buisness

An entrepreneur, a person that is in charge of any enterprise in that field of professions.--

This means that you are in charge of the business or businesses. You take the profit and invest most into your interests to expand the business.

An entrepreneur, a person that moves and drives the business in a positive direction.--

If you move the business i a positive direction the likeliness to expand will be more than likely in most cases. this is a well presumed profession in the job market so swiftness and precision in your craft is necessary.