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250 million children around the world fail to reach grade 4th or reach it without learning to read or write.According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,Article 26:Every person should have the right to Education.This Article is violated when children miss their Education because they are forced to work,are recruited into armed forces, or they must work to help their family rather than go to school.


There are many organizations that work to improve Education for children.In general,they work to support children’s Rights and give them Academic Supports so they can continue with their Education even though their families are poor or they have any problems that stop them from finishing their Education.UNESCO,for example promotes Literacy,Skills for the World of Work, Access to higher Education,Improving learning processes and Outcome.

The International Reading Association

This is a Organization that give resources to educators and leaders that want to spread literacy all around the world this organization helps children by making them programs that promotes reading and writing skills and try to made a habit in children's life.

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