$19 Million No Tax Increase Bond Issue & Levy Transfer

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The April 5 election is tomorrow. If your polling location is at one of our schools, please check out the graphic.

Since school is in session during the election, we want to ensure a smooth process for our voters. Polling areas are separated from students to ensure safety and minimize disruptions. Voters must enter through designated areas. Our parking lots will be very congested during drop-off (8:15 - 8:45 a.m.) and pick-up (3:15 - 4 p.m.).

10 Cent No Tax Increase Levy Transfer

The no tax increase levy transfer will reallocate 10 cents from our debt service fund to our operating expenses fund

  • In 2021 we were required to transfer 17 cents to our debt service fund due to increased real estate assessments

  • We are required to ask the voters to transfer 10 cents back into our operating expenses fund

  • This transfer will provide approx. $500,000 annually to help offset rising operating costs

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Tax Rate Remains $4.14

  • The tax rate will remain unchanged at $4.14

  • Our tax rate has remained at $4.14 since 2003

  • We are committed to not asking voters for a tax increase

Ballot Language

Shall the Board of Education of Ozark R-VI School District be authorized to increase the operating tax levy ceiling to $3.1853 per $100 of assessed valuation according to the 2022 assessment for operating expenses and funding capital projects of the District, including maintaining competitive compensation for employees to attract and retain qualified faculty and staff?

If this question is approved, the operating tax levy of the District is estimated to increase by $0.10 from $3.0853 to $3.1853 per $100 of assessed valuation, and the District expects to make a corresponding reduction to its debt service tax levy of $0.10 resulting in no tax rate increase where the estimated overall tax levy of the District remains unchanged at $4.1400 per $100 of assessed valuation.

$19 Million No Tax Increase Bond Issue

Safety continues to be a top priority for Ozark School District and the families of Ozark
  • Adding storm shelters at Tiger Paw, OMS and OHS would mean every school within Ozark School District would have a storm shelter
  • Storm shelters will provide usable space for each building to accommodate current growth

Ballot Language

Shall Ozark R-VI School District issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of $19,000,000 for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, improving, repairing, renovating, furnishing and equipping school sites and facilities, including constructing storm shelters at the Early Childhood Center, Middle School and High School and, to the extent funds are available, completing capital improvements consistent with the District’s Long Range Plan?

If this question is approved, the District’s debt service property tax levy is estimated to remain unchanged at $1.0547 per $100 of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

Breakfast & Lunch at Tiger Paw

Tiger Paw Storm Shelter

  • The storm shelter at Tiger Paw Early Childhood Center would serve as a cafeteria

  • Currently there is not a cafeteria or commercial kitchen in the facility
  • Meals are delivered from East Elementary and eaten in the gymnasium
  • As we increase our enrollment, delivering meals is no longer feasible
Tornado Drills at OMS & East Elementary

OMS Storm Shelter

  • The storm shelter at Ozark Middle School would serve as additional classrooms
  • As this facility nears capacity, adding 6-8 classrooms allows us to maximize its use
OHS Tornado Shelter for PE Classes and Practice Space

OHS Storm Shelter

  • The storm shelter at Ozark High School would serve as physical education and practice space
  • Ozark High School will increase to more than 1,700 9th-12th grade students next year
  • The two existing gymnasiums will not accommodate all our physical education classes
  • Outside of school hours, the practice spaces can be utilized by student activities and athletics

Bond Issue and Levy Transfer ... we know the two questions we have placed on the April 5 ballot are confusing. Here is an FAQ that might answer some of your questions.

Want to learn more about our $19 Million No Tax Increase Bond Issue & Levy Transfer? What about our long range plan? Find it all on our web page, www.ozarktigers.org/bond.

Email specific questions to ozarkcommunications@ozarktigers.org.

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Paid for by Ozark School District. This information is being provided to you by the Ozark School District so you can learn more about the proposed no tax increase bond issue. Regardless of whether you support the bond issue or not, we encourage you to vote.