What's Up in O'Connell's Class this Week ? May 2 -6

WW2 Project Week

It's project week in Social Studies. We are reversing roles in SS this week. Students were grouped and selected their WW2 topic they will be teaching. Students will be responsible for :

  • Researching the topic
  • Creating a Learning Target/I Can Statement
  • Creating a class activity to go along with their teaching (i.e. Brain Book page)
  • Devising a plan to check for students understanding of the Learning target.

We will take 3 class days to work on the planning process. Groups will teach for about 20 minutes beginning on Friday.

The kids are very excited to be the teachers!


DAILY DISH this Week

MONDAY: Intro to WW2

TUESDAY: Work Day 1 ( Research your groups topic/ I Can Statement)

WEDNESDAY: Work Day 2 (What will they learn/how will you teach it?)

THURSDAY: Work Day 3 (How will you access your students?)

FRIDAY: (Wrap up Day/Group 1 teaches)

Homework for the Week:

Groups will likely need to work on project through google docs as homework as needed. As always we plan as much class time to provide opportunities for the groups to get it ALL done in class. IT CAN BE DONE if THEY STAY ON TASK :)

Students spent a day Exploring/Reading about WW2 topics to being peaking interest on this week's project.

Mrs. Tina O'Connell

I am thrilled to be teaching Social Studies for Trailblazer team this year. In my spare time, I run around to dance class and football or baseball depending on the season. I love teaching and learning from my students.