Hi, Im Antigone

Realtionship Status: its complicated

My Bio

Let me tell you about myself, I live in Greece and i believe in equal rights of men and women. I am a feminist which means i fight for women to be as equal. i take pride in everything i do and maybe to much sometimes. I am very fun person, goofy and independent.


I'm one of the guards and when I found of Creon was going to kill me I felt bad I had to rat out Antigone. I hope you forgive me for what I did.


I am Creon attendant and I see everything that goes on. I hope you everything better after Creon found out what you done.
The song Miss. Independent y Ne-Yo reminded of Antigone because she is very independent. She believes in what's right and sticks up for herself. She doesn't need a man to defined who she is and takes pride in everything she does. She shows that women can do anything men can do but better.
Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

Status Update

Today i had to burry my brother i hope he rest easy

Status Update

Heamon is my #MCM he's so cute

Status Update

i hate Creon so much, he thinks he can control my whole life LOL, your not my dad.