Welcome to Richard J Lee Elementary

"Life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey"

Who Will Be Working at Lee Next Year?

Great news! As of June 27, we have hired 42 staff members for our campus. Each and every one of you bring individual gifts that are going to help establish the culture of our school. I am honored to serve as your principal and watch each of you grow as leaders in the world of education.

Welcome to:

Diana Sircar, Alicia Deranger, Roxann Krautkramer, Nick Coenraad, Elisa Farrell, Kylie Radka, Taylor Miles, Courtney Moore, Jamye Barron, Lauren Gaspard, Megan Schlossstein, Cassie Knight, Layne Sommers, Rachel Hyland, Kristen Appling, Nicole Jenkins, Amy Smith, Wendy Pray, Suzanne Hunt, Stephanie Shannon, Ashley Benson, Jessica Floyd, Stacey Harris, Shelley Sweatt, Todd Herauf, Courtney George, Amanda Erickson, Katie Pirog, Sara Mason, Jillian Phillips, Rachel Sunseri, Bethany Hooper, Sam Jensen, Angela Garvin, Samira Khan, Priscilla Shaner, Ayesha Khan, Caroline Plauche, Renee Beauford, Talat Khan, Veronica Howitt, Julie Landefeld, Alli Pryor, James Holloway, Jamie Hoelscher, Tiffany Cavalier, Sara Robinette,

Faculty Favorites

Click above and tell us more about you.

Meet and Greet @ EcoCoppell Earthfest

Saturday, April 12th, 9am-1pm

255 Parkway Blvd

Coppell, TX

If you are available, it would be a treat to have you Join us at our first "Meet and Greet." This will be a great chance to meet one another as well as the community of Coppell. Stay a couple of hours-or all day-whatever fits into your schedule!

Since we are a Net-Zero school, Earthfest is a wonderful opportunity to share the eco-friendly components of our school with the public. (See page 2 of our recruitment brochure)

If you are planning to attend, please email dsircar@coppellisd.com so that we can make sure to have a Lee t-shirt ready for you. Also, if you have ideas in how to make this a FUN and interactive booth, please include that in your email.

To learn more about EcoCoppell Earthfest you can visit: http://www.coppelltx.gov/special-events-activities/clean-coppell-earthfest

We hope to see you there!

iDesign Professional Development June 18-20

Coppell ISD will be offering professional learning in June. I would strongly recommend attending some of the three technology training days. Please register for each day you will attend by May 16. If you are hired after May 16, don't worry, you can register on site each day.

New Hires: Go to the registration tab, click "Register Pay by Check", type in your information. Please type New Hire in the required payment boxes. Your attendance is free.

Current Employees: Go to the registration tab, click on "Coppell ISD Employee Registration." This will take you to your Eduphoria log in. Your attendance is free.

UPDATE: Here is the schedule for iDesign Go in now and make your course selections.


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Mark Your Calendars

The following are important dates that you will want to add to your calendars. I will continue to add to these as additional dates and more information becomes available.

May 13: Dad's Date at Wingstop- interested in being in a Dad's Club, join us!

May 22: Sweet Tomatoes "Fun"raiser- bring your family and meet our community

May 28: Kindergarten Round Up at Andy Brown Park East

June 16-20: iDesign Training in CISD

August 5-7: New Hire Training

August 11-15: Lee Staff Training

August 18-22: CISD Back to School Training

August 25: First Day of School

LEE Elementary Could Give Other Campuses a Run For Their Money

Saturday, May 3rd, 8am

185 W Parkway Blvd

Coppell, TX

I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but since we have a staff full of runners, there is a race in Coppell to raise money for our Education Foundation.

The 3rd Annual Coppell Education Foundation Run To Fund 1 mile Run/Walk, 5K and 10K race is a fun community wide event open to everyone of all ages. Races begin at 8:00 a.m. at Coppell High School Stadium.

J Macklin’s will be serving free pancakes, Bigby free coffee, lots of giveaways, live music, bounce houses and you on the BIG screen. Come join the fun and register today at www.coppellisdef.com.

Prices go up closer to race day, and discounts are available for CISD staff. Teacher code for discount is coppellcisd5. Lee Elementary has been added to their registration form.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you that registered and attended!!

Vote below for school color, mascot, and other ideas!

Latest Images of Richard J. Lee Elementary

Playground Input

After getting input from the PBL at Valley Ranch Elementary, Lee Learner Luncheons, and staff members, here is the information I sent to the playground designers. Noah's Park is our vendor and they are designing a primary and intermediate playground for us. Our primary playground will be on the left side of our track, south of the eco pond, and the intermediate playground will be to the east of the cafeteria past the bus loop/basketball hoop area.
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I would like to give a warm welcome to our newly named Assistant Principal, Todd Herauf. He would have joined us at Guerro's if he wasn't showing his "moves like Jagger" to Coppell Middle School North students at their dance.

Here is a little bit of information about Todd:

Todd Herauf is excited to be joining Lee Elementary as an Assistant Principal. He is joining our family after spending 2013-2014 at CMS North. He has been an administrator in Allen, Denton and Richardson as an Assistant Principal, (primarily at the elementary level). Before that he taught 5th grade, 3rd grade, and English as a Second Language in Spring and Lewisville ISD's. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Education Administration at UNT, where he received his Bachelor's, Master's, and Superintendent's Certification.

Mr. Herauf was born in MN, spent middle and high school in Austin, TX, and since then has spent nearly 20 years in the Denton County area. He has a wife, Holly, that teaches elementary school in Lewisville, along with his son Jackson (8) and daughter Piper (6). When not at work, the Herauf's love supporting the Mean Green of UNT!

Please take time to welcome Todd to our Lee family through email at therauf@coppellisd.com .


School Supplies for 2014-2015

Please take time to give input on your school supplies via the Google Doc that was shared with you last week. Diana has emailed you your "projected" grade level teammates and their email addresses so that you can collaborate about your needs. Supplies can be found at: http://www.educationalproducts.com/SchoolSupplies.aspx. The goal is to keep all lists below $45.

One idea I would like each person/grade level/house to be open to is the concept of "community supplies." As be build a campus culture of collaboration, supplies is a wonderful place to start teaching the children about how we work together.

Please give your input by Tuesday, May 6, so that we can get kits created with EPI. We appreciate your timely help!

Wish Lists for Curriculum and Educational Resources for Lee

I am working with the Curriculum Department to create our purchasing lists for the campus. Items on this list are non-consumable items that will balance our programming needs with current CISD campuses. This is the perfect time to ask YOU what YOU want me to request. If you have items that are on your "must have" lists, please compile your ideas and email them to me by Wednesday, May 21. I would prefer the items be in a spreadsheet with :
  • Item
  • Vendor
  • ISBN #
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Total Cost

What might be items you would request? Examples may include: Comprehension Toolkits, digital microscopes, rolling chart stand/easel, etc. Again, this might be something you would want to collaborate on as grade levels. List your items in order of importance/priority with the most important at the top. This is your time to dream, and dream big.

Thank you so much, Ashley, Jessica, and Alicia for already dreaming about what your Music, Art, and PE programs need. I am sharing those lists with Dr. Denison this week.

Check Out Our Playground Designs

Hot off the press! Here are the designs that were created based on feedback from staff and learners. The top row is our PreK-2 design and the second row is our 3-5 design. Click on each image to enlarge.

If we can't find Todd, we will know where to find him...

Sweet Tomatoes FUNRaising Night

Thursday, May 22nd, 5-8pm

1820 Market Pl Blvd

Irving, TX

Staff, we hope you will come out and meet one another and the community. Bring your family and friends, along with this flyer, and 15% of your sales will go back to our school. We hope to see you there!
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What is the Floorplan of RJL?

School Colors and Mascot Determined

I'm excited to announce that our school colors are dark blue and green (think Seattle Seahawks) and our mascot is the Spurs (sorry, Mavs fans). Thank you for submitting your mascot ideas!

If you have suggestions for our logo, feel free to sketch something out and email/text it to Chantel by Sunday night (5/18/14). We are meeting with the Communications Department, on Monday, and want you to be able to share your ideas. I apologize for the short notice.

What is Coppell ISD All About?

Many of you are starting to inquire about curriculum, processes, and systems in Coppell ISD. In order for you all to learn more about the incredible district you are a part of, I am attaching the Coppell ISD Learning Framework. This is a living document created by the CISD curriculum department. In order for you to be informed and up to speed with current employees, I am sharing this document for you to review while you have time.

New Hire Flyer From CISD

Diana, our campus secretary, will be emailing you more details about this.


You have waited long enough…here is our Lee Logo

Watch our campus website to see how the new colors and image brand our site! Maybe you have staff t-shirt ideas? Please feel free to share those with us. Of course, we want the coolest shirts to show off at Convocation in August.


Congratulations to our recent college graduates: Elisa, Kristen, Amanda, Megan, and Rachel S!

Congratulations to recently married, Kristen Appling, who is now Kristen Schliewe!

Congratulations to Elisa who got engaged last weekend!

If you have news you would like us to share, please email Chantel or Diana. We will be happy to add your celebrations!

Are you on Connected?

Please join RJL 2014 if you are on Facebook. We are using this group as an additional communication tool.

Follow @NetZeroLee if you are on Twitter.

We will start a RJL Edmodo, Pinterest, Diigo, or Scoop.it site next. These are great tools!

Challenge Based Learning

Last week we had a brief visit from Apple to share about Challenge Based Learning (CBL) with the curriculum department, a sampling of educators, and our administration team.

On Monday, June 23, from 8:30-11:30, we will have a visiting Apple Distinguished Educator working with anyone available from Lee that wants to learn more about CBL. CBL will be the framework for how curriculum will be designed for our learners, so it is important that you have a strong understanding of the WHY behind this framework. I have attached a classroom guide for you to read to learn more.

If you are available to attend on June 23, please email Chantel, by June 22, so that we can have adequate seating. We will go to lunch afterwards, and anyone wanting to come back after lunch to work with their teams on a Challenge are welcome to participate. Some of the CISD Curriculum Department will be present to lend support.

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Grade Level and House Teams

Big image

Here Are Your Building Assignments!

Now that we have your favorite three colors, we have assigned where each house will be living in our building. Everyone got one of their top three choices! YAY!

DISCLAIMER: the picture and color designation is not drawn to scale. Each house has 4 classrooms along the back, 2 lab classrooms, a design studio, a storage room, a teacher restroom, boys/girls restrooms, and 5 collabs.

Your next challenge is to figure out where each of you want to go in your house. Think outside the box here folks...mobility...not being tied to one space...accessibility for younger ones to the restrooms.

Each house will have 1 extra room this year (only). Think about how your house will use that room. Could it be a reading clubhouse for your learners? Maybe a mini science or math lab? The possibilities are endless. The chidlren may have great ideas for utilizing that space.

House Leads, once your group has decided who is going where, please communicate that to Diana, Todd, and Chantel.

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Heads Up- Technology Survey Coming Soon

In order to serve your professional learning needs at Lee, you will get an email on Wednesday, July 2, from Chantel. The email will include a weblink to Apple's Education Technology Profile self assessment survey. Please take the time to complete the survey before it closes on July 11.

THANK YOU to those of you that completed the survey. I am assured by Apple that no viruses were attached to the survey :)!!

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Are you someone who enjoys celebrating others, planning events, and boosting morale? We are looking for people like YOU to touch base with our Media Specialist, Courtney, at celoper@yahoo.com. She will be heading up our campus (nameless for now) group and welcomes anyone interested in sharing their ideas.

Latest Looks @ Lee

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Big image
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It seems as if there is plenty to celebrate lately! If you have a celebration, please let us know so we can be sure to share with the group.

Congrats to two of our Lee Spurs staff members. Their families will be growing by one this school year. Congratulations Jamye and Nick. We share in your excitement and can't wait to plan baby showers!!

Speaking of Baby Showers, THANK YOU, Courtney for heading up our ????? Committee. I don't know the name yet, but I am sure there is one in the works. We appreciate your leadership! Again, if you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Courtney at celoper@yahoo.com. Also, THANK YOU to Courtney for all of the library book and ebook orders she has complied so that we can have opening day circulation (or at least we will see a library full of books.) This is HUGE!

CONGRATS to all of you that have moved to the area and found your places to live. Some of you have found apartments, town homes, and even bought houses. We are so happy you are in your new homes!

THANK YOU to the following individuals who will serve as mentor teachers this year: Alicia, Kylie, Samira, Shelley, Priscilla, Layne, Ashley, Wendy, and Renee. We know your knowledge and experience will serve our first and second year educators well.

THANK YOU to the following individuals for giving up their Monday to attend our "Lee"dership Retreat: Todd, Diana, Angela, Stephanie, Stacey, Roxann, Cassie, Lauren, Nick, and Rachel. We started compiling some school wide expectations and your house leaders will communicate those out with you. We also had fun establishing trust (or laughing) with one another as we attempted to play golf. Ask your house lead about their experience! :) Ayesha- you were missed, sweetheart!

THANK YOU to our incredible Administrative Assistant, Diana! She has been working tirelessly to get all of our orders in and set up for delivery. She has gone above and beyond to learn our budget system. Not only are we impressed with her, but the district notices too! She returns to major registration appointments, so SHE EARNED THIS WEEK OFF, FOR SURE!!

THANK YOU to all of you that have been taking care of the construction crew each week: Layne, Lauren, Kylie, Jessica, Shelley, Sara, Stacey, Elisa, Roxann, Wendy, Samira, Rachel, Nicole, Todd, and Nick. (If I missed you because you weren't on the list, I apologize.) Let's hope the crew stays motivated. They are most certainly enjoying the treats, but we want in that building!!

THANK YOU to our Admin Team, Todd and Angela, for your efforts. Each of these two have been working behind the scenes to plan and organize systems in our building. Their hard work and ideas do not go unnoticed!

THANK YOU, again, for the kindness you have extended my way. I have truly felt "the love" and appreciate EACH OF YOU more than words can express. It has been an incredibly growing experience for me as I learn something new EVERYday. I LOVE serving YOU!

Have a Passion? Want to Serve as a Content Specialist?

If you are passionate about a particular content area and are interested in serving as a Content Specialist in ELAR, Math, or SS, please let me know. Stacey Harris is currently a Science Content Specialist in the district, so she will continue that role on our campus. ANYone can serve. There are district level meetings and responsibilities, plus the opportunity for learning and collaboration are OFF THE CHARTS. If you are interested in becoming a content specialist, please let me know ASAP. We will fill the last three spots on a first come, first served basis.

Faculty Website

Todd, Diana, and I are creating a Faculty Website that will serve as a "one stop shop" for you to go to for campus information. The faculty calendar will have up to the minute events, reminders, etc., and the site will be changing daily as we add and update information.

CISD Learning Portrait

Want to know more about the district you are a part of? This video captures CISD beautifully!
Coppell ISD Learning Portrait

Class Lists

Thank you to the teams that have already started the hard work of constructing our class lists. When creating these lists, please keep the following things in mind:

1. Balanced classes anyone would be able to teach

2. Cluster Tier 2 and Tier 3 GtI learners in different rooms (preferably 3-4 learners)

3. Cluster MLI learners in a room

4. Cluster SPED in a room

5. Cluster RtI Tier 2 and Tier 3 Learners in rooms. If we can separate them from SPED, this would be preferred.

Class lists can be found at the Administration Building with Diana. You should coordinate with her when you will work on these lists so that she can reserve a room for you to use.

Moving in the Building

We recognize that a great deal of you are ready to get in the building. As soon as we have word that we can safely occupy the building, we promise to communicate to you. Originally we were told the "beginning of August." Recently we have been told "the middle of August." We will continue to keep you posted.

Club 21 @ Lee

At the last Board Workshop, Lee's Club 21 recommendation was funded by the district. What does this mean for you? As a Kindergarten through third grade educator, this means that your learners will have more access to technology. As a Fourth and Fifth grade educator, this means your learners will have unlimited access to technology during the school day.

With this grant comes great responsibility. Before we deploy iPads to our fourth and fifth graders we must go through intentional steps to ensure its success. If you are a 4th or 5th grade educator, here are dates you need to be aware of to put on your calendars:

Monday, September 8- Club 21 Meeting @ Lee

Thursday September 25, Parent Club 21 Information Night

Friday, September 26- Send Parent and Learner Technology Survey Out

Monday, October 20- Club 21 Teacher Training Day

Monday, January 26- Club 21 Teacher Training Day

Wednesday, February 18- Mid Year Club 21 Surveys

Friday, April 10- End of Year Club 21 Surveys

New Hire Orientation (note the yellow highlight)

Big image


Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Congratulations to Amanda Erickson who became Amanda Swire Friday Night. She was a beautiful bride! She is currently honeymooning in St. Lucia.

Happy 8th Anniversary to Priscilla and her husband on Tuesday, August 5! Way to go Team Shaner!

Congratulations to Jessica and her husband on Tuesday, August 5, TOO! They have the same anniversary as the Shaner's!

Congratulations to Samantha Jensen. She had her LIveScribe grant completely funded through Donor's Choose. WAY TO GO, Sam!

Congratulations to Wendy Pray. Her daughter got married this weekend, too! Congratulations Mrs. Baugus!

Well wishes to Shelley's husband who went home from the hospital today. He has had major surgery and is on his road to recovery!

Our Media Center is Almost Done!

Big image

Flexible Learning Space

Big image

2nd Story Outdoor Learning Area

Big image

Atrium Learning Area

Big image

Classroom View

Big image

Teacher Workroom

Big image
Big image
Here is an outline of our District Professional Learning.

Don't forget that we have Lee training all week from August 11-15. A detailed invite will be sent to your inbox.