Hurricane Ike

Created by: Jacob Murillo

What happened

Hurricane Ike hit texas and lousaion and many other places. Hurricane Ike was formed by a tropical storm near the equator. The moisture evaperates and rises untill its just heated air in the sky. Then the wind starts to spin in a circle. As the wind spins faster and faster creating a hurricane

When it happened

Hurrican ike started on september 1, 2008 and ended on september 16, 2008. when hurricane ike happened many people had to evaceuate there homes because of the strong winds and floods. the floods went from 9 feet all the way to 18 feet and above. Rain water went up to 5 to 10 inchs

where it happened

Hurricane ike started in the atlantic ocean then started to head west to cuba, then went northwest into the gulf, next it went in to the northen part of texas, then went up northeast towards canada.

the impact on humans

Hurricane ike had and still has many effects on use it damaged many of our house and lands. Hurricane ike killed 195 people and 34 are still missing. hurricane ike caused about 7.5 million power outages.

The impact on local wildlife

Hurricane Ike damaged many habitats bringing fish and other creates from the sea to land. hurricane Ike also destroyed oil platforms causing oil to spill out in to the ocean killing many animals. it spilled over 260,000 gallons of oil but the winds and waves got rid of most of the oil

the impact on landscape

salt water from from the ocean damaged many trees and other plants. many trees had to be replanted because a lot were probably ripped from the ground. hurricane Ike flooded many place destroying houses and bridges. many landscapes and beaches were flooded and destroyed