Counselor Corner Weekly Update

September 21st - September 24th

YAY for Week 6!!

Let's have a mini celebration!

We have made it week 6 of virtual learning! Everyone (parents, students, and teachers!) take a moment to praise yourself for all of the hard work you have put into this process. We have tackled something thus far that is not easy and for that we should all be proud of the effort we have seen.

Check in Form

Check in with me here! How are you doing?

Emotion Check In for Students

During this time, each family is different on how they are discussing and handling the varying emotions that come with the changes in our daily routines and virtual learning.

We encourage you this week to focus on checking in emotionally with your student to see how they are feeling with their virtual learning. Helping students understand their emotions and how they change throughout the day or due to events is important to their overall social development

Every family is different so we encourage families to do what works for them!

Emoji Chart

Student's today best recognize the emojis frequently used online to express feelings.

Have students pick 1 (or more!) emoji to represent how they are feeling with Virtual Learning!

Maybe they are excited to go somewhere with family or feeling sad/disappointed that our time physically in the classroom hasn't started yet. Whatever the feeling, emojis are a great way to express it and check in to see if they need support from family or their teacher!

Big picture

If you have time, watch this video with your student and discuss understanding emotions

Know Your Emotions