Fossil Fuels Are The Future

By Katie Hicks And Derick Larsen

What Are Fossil FUels?

Fossil fuels are made of decayed animals or plants buried beneath the earth’s surface. They were formed due to high heat and pressure.

Fossil Fuel History


They can be traced back to the Carboniferous Period which was part of the Paleozoic Era, between 280 and 345 million years ago.

Fossil fuels use began to rise in the late 18th century. Introduction of the steam engine gave way to faster shipping by sea and railroad networks.

Fossil fuels are 95% of all of our energy.

Advantages Of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are very easy to find.

They have the capacity to generate large amounts of electricity in single locations.

Currently they are fairly cheap.

Enviromental Impacts Of Fossil Fuels