Anne Geddes

"Miracle" Series


Anne Geddes wanted to capture the innocence of the babies while connecting them to the innocence of nature. This series is famous because Anne Geddes is a world known photographer, and the series also included Celine Dion and her child. All of her photos were taken in a studio setting. The way she included the child with flowers and other naturally occurring things captured the peaceful, innocence, and beauty of nature and the children.

My Opinion

I do like the series very much. I find all of these pictures extremely unique because the babies are being put into different senarios that the average person or even the average photographer would most likely never think of, and its very well done. I would not change anything in her photos because she is a professional who has been doing this for years and apperently she knows what she is doing. I think that she successfully posed the photos so that it makes you ask questions and you just feel like the baby is at peace and comfortable.