Applicants to run for Presidential office

Constitutional requirements to become President

  • Must be at least 35 years old
  • 14 year resident
  • Native born citizen of the United States

Becoming a President

  • 400,000 Salary
  • 50,000 non taxable expense account
  • Life at the white house includes a movie theater, bowling alley, tennis court, and a putting green
  • The staff includes personal chefs and gardeners
  • Access to Air Force One, Marine 1, and a Presidential Limousine
  • Access to Camp David Presidential retreat home
  • Access to Blair Guest House
  • Medical and Dental care
  • 10 years of secret service

Constitutional Powers Granted

  1. Commander in Chief
  2. Commission all military officers of the United States
  3. Make treaties with advice and consent from the Senate
  4. Receive ambassadors
  5. Appoint ambassadors, federal judges, and Supreme Court Justice
  6. Deliver the annual State of the Union address
  7. Call either or both houses of Congress into a special session
  8. Ensure that all laws by congress are carried out
  9. Appoints head of executive departments
  10. The cabinet is an advisory group chosen by the President to carry out the work of the executive branch. Includes 15 departments heads, VP, and 7 other advisers.

Which power is the most important?

I think Commander in Chief is the most important. It is a good appointment to assign the President this power because one person should be in control of all armed forces so that there is no conflict or arguing with more than one with this power. When it comes down to decisions being made of the safety of our country we look to our Commander in Chief for support and answers, making this the most important power. The other powers granted to the president could not be carried out if our country was not secure. It is essential that the commander in chief makes wise decisions when the safety of our country is at risk or when our own soldiers lives are at major risk.

Must have leadership qualities

In order to make decisions for a whole entire country must have good communication skills. One who has to speak in front of their whole country must have the skills to do so. A leader has to effectively communicate with those one works with and those one will be leading. Not everyone will have the same opinion but it is important to collaborate ideas with others to find the most important solution to an issue. An individual who is going to take on the job of large scale leader must show their citizens that they can be trusted. A president can do this by following through with promised tasks and standing tall and protecting the country when disaster is a threat. One who is going to represent a country must be able to remain calm in stressful situations. It is important to not overact in a situation of crisis because it shows weakness and a leader should be able to remain calm handle situations with careful thought. A leader will often be put on the spot so they have to have to be able to respond quickly to questions or disasters but they how to respond with good judgment.

Syrian Refugees

ISIS has been creating terror all around the world and a majority is taking place in the Middle East. Our president thinks it is our duty to help the innocent civilians that are being attacked in Syria. People are either for refugees or against then but a majority of Americans are against refugees because of the potential threat they carry. We can do our best to help the innocent civilians experiencing the terrorism but the real question is who is innocent and who is not. If we decide to let refugees into our country and let individuals connects with ISIS in then we are making ourselves more vulnerable to attack. We are making networking easier for ISIS when they have people of their own roaming around our country.

If we are going to offer the helping hand to the innocent civilians we need to crack down to separate the innocent from the danger. The United States needs to set up in depth investigations on each refugee to determine if someone is a threat or not. The United States feels the need to act as a Safe Haven for the rest of the world but we need to worry about the Saftey of our own country before we take on responsibility of others. We need to pick one side, refugees or no refugees. Many Americans are opposing refugees because of the potential threat. If the President is going to decide to help all of these people it is essential that they go through series of background checks and even be tracked with ankle bracelets with tracking devices on the inside to follow their every move to make sure they are not involved in any suspicious activity. We have the power to help but many people disapprove due to the threat of our own saftey.

Powersed used to enforce refugees investigation

Constitutional powers that are granted to the president to use would be Chief in Commander, Commission of all Military officers in the US, and make treaties. All of these powers can be incorporated into conducting in depth background searches by the President using all his power as Comander in Chief to make sure anyone connected with ISIS enters our country. The Presidnt can use his power to utilize the US Military to investigate situations with foreign countries. The President can do this best to sign treaties with other countries to even appempt to create peace with any countries we are being threatened by.