Tomorrow When The War Began


Classifying the characters from the story into good and evil.

Classify the characters from a story into 'good and evil'. (1 point)

The good characters in "tomorrow when the war began" are recognized to be the main characters (the group of kids). The main characters are Homer,Fiona,Lee,Robyn,Corrie,Kevin,Chris and Ellie the perspective of which in the story is written from. We considered The children as the good characters because from looking at all different backgrounds and personality traits they were not only good people but pursued with great actions, they were basically some of many victims in the story line yet still tried to help everyone they could. We also decided that the victims were apart of the good group, but we were unsure about the Australian military as well as the government because we had not evidence to say they they were good or just "victimized". For the evil characters we had decided that the army that had attacked Australia was evil because of obvious reasons such as putting peoples lives at risk, taking people for hostage and as shown in the book and movie shooting a citizen who had retaliated.

By Rohan and Louie