Tucker Tooke


Do you like Mississippi well I can tell you about it. In Mississippi the Mississippi river goes through Mississippi. The Mississippi runs into the gulf of mexico.

Mississippi fun facts

Mississippi`s capital is Jackson. The population in Jackson is 73,628. In the whole state of Mississippi is 2.994. The Mississippi was flooding but it went down now.
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State animal

The state animal is a alligator. The alligators have up to eighty teeth. An alligator can go throw 20,000 teeth in a life time.

State bird

The state bird is a mocking bird. It has a gray top and white chest.

State tree

The state tree is the magnolia. It has white flowers. It is green pines. The magnolia has brown branches.

State flower

The cool thing is that the state flower and tree have the same name magnolia.
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State flag

The flag looks like the Britain flag but the cross is smaller.It has red white and blue.
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State plate

The state plate has blue sky with white ground blue Mississippi and black numbers.
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Magnolia state

The reason for it is the state tree and flower have magnolia name.
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