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Norfolk Junior High

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By Derek Larsen

Feature Story

Snakes are by far one of the most interesting creatures on the planet. Snakes have their own set of different ways to survive. Different snakes have different abilities like the python has a venom sack behind the eyes. But these intriguing creatures are disappearing at an alarming rate. To prevent these slithering creatures from completely disappearing, the Norfolk Junior High and Middle school have decided to take action. All you have to do is go to your backyard or a nearby field and count how many snakes you can find in one week. After that you send your results to the BBOS (Bring Back our Snakes) website. Trained professionals will then keep track of snake population and health. I am involved in the project and so is kid reporter Evan Larsen. I live in North Dakota. Evan is counting in his backyard in Colorado. Most of which is done by the Rocky Mountains. ‘’I had never seen a snake up close before.’’ Evan had said. “ But my mom was telling me how when she was a kid, the children would try to touch the snakes before they slithered away in the grass.” All you have to do is find a place that fits the BBOS guidelines and count all visible snakes then send your results to the BBOS website.

Nursery Rhyme News Story

On the day of March 17, 2015, a Wanderer, who prefers not to be identified, spotted two strange flames, one red and one blue, retreating into the heavens. The place where this strange event occurred was on an unknown prairie, as the Wanderer says. While the reason for this is still unknown, our reporters are on the lookout for the two mysterious flames. How this happened is still unidentified. While police are looking for these mysterious flames, we ask everyone to be on alert until we know what to do. The Wanderer is still recovering from his state of shock that occurred during this strange event.

Favorite app or game


A free roaming game where you can do many things as a hero called the guardians, as a guardian you protect the last safe city of earth from the darkness.You are accompanied by your robotic friend the ghost, every guardian was revived by one, the ghosts were sent out by the Traveler who’s story is unknown, but the ghosts were sent out to find people who the Traveler saw fit to be a guardian. You can choose from 3 classes, a titan, hunter or warlock, you are sent to fight the darkness and protect the last safe city on earth. To fight back, you can either go solo or find a few friends to roll in a fireteam with. Back at the Tower, is where the guardians can roam however they please. But as you are fighting back against the darkness you are followed my this mysterious stranger who gives you advice on your journey. When you reach high enough levels, you can unlock higher tier missions like strikes and raids, both of which you have to have a fireteam with. One of the 2 raids right now is the Vault of Glass, a place where one of the strongest enemies of the darkness, Atheon times confllux. This raid requires strategy and communication. In the Vault of Glass, there is a relic called the shield of light, you need to use this relic to fight the Templar, one of Atheon’s generals, to take out his shield and have the rest of your fireteam fire at the Templar. In Destiny there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of weapons to defend yourself from the darkness. They appear in common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and exotic. My favorite exotics are the Last Word and the Thorn, both of which are exotic hand cannons. In Destiny you can explore the Earth, Earth’s Moon, Venus and Mars to fight off the darkness.

Motivational add


Derek Larsen was recognized as an amazing graphic designer in the Norfolk district for the past 15 years. He attended high school at the Norfolk High School and was a great orchestra and violin player. After graduating from high school, he attended Wayne State College where he received a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in graphic design. He loves to get on the computer and make designs for his job. He recently returned from Miami, Florida. His hobbies include reading, designing, and running. In the future, he is planning to travel to Mexico and California. His kindness and outgoing personality is what makes him the person he is today.

movie review

I wasn't too sure about this movie when I saw the trailers. It looked like it might be a total waste of time. However, after reading some of the reviews I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed it. The casting was excellent, the screenplay was very good, and Kevin James fit the bill perfectly. I can't imagine anyone other than him playing the role of Paul Blart, Mall Cop.

Paul Blart is an overweight, hypo-glycemic (prone to fainting spells), shopping mall security guard who lives with him Mom and teenage daughter somewhere in North Jersey. Paul aspires to be a NJ State Police officer but cannot pass the required physical, and thus is consigned to his present job at a West Orange, NJ shopping mall. While Paul is on duty, a group of armed robbers attempt to steal the credit card receipts. The remainder of the film is Paul doing battle with this group of robbers. This sounds more serious than it is. Rest assured, it's a fun comedy with many funny gags/bits.