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June News!

June is here and so are the summer PD opportunities for Science! If you are planning to attend science pd this newsletter is for you. I will be using these newsletters each month to keep you up to date on HAPPENINGS throughout the year. I am also trying out Google Classroom to practice the possibilities and be a better resource to teachers with questions. I look forward to seeing you somewhere or another this summer!!

For your PD needs.

AR Science Professional Development Focused on New Science Standards Implimentation

AR ELA/Science Professional Development Focused on Literacy Strategies

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Grade Specific Unit Planning K-8

Session 274683 on 7/25/16 for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Session 274666 on 7/14/16 for 2nd Grade

Session 274671 on 7/07/16 for 3rd Grade

Session 274668 on 7/06/16 for 4th Grade

Session 274681 on 7/26/16 for 5th Grade

Session 274682 on 7/27/16 for 6-8th Grade

AR Social Studies Professional Development