Hybrid Project

By Kevin Holcombe

How does the achievement of one of the economic goals impact/interfere with the success of other economic goals? Explain.

The economic security and predictability interferes with the success of economic equity because first of all the security and predictability would need a government to do all that. Especially providing security for the citizens and being there for the citizens when they need the help. With the economic equity, the citizens don't need a government in fact a government would mess it up because it even says that " A fair distribution of wealth. Apportionment appears to be similar. Choice by citizen/consumer on which opportunities they will participate with." in other words citizens don't need a government to do all of that.
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Developed vs Undeveloped Countries

One of the most developed countries would be Australia because all they have seen is success. Australia does not have many economic struggles other than the fact that only half of their country is livable. One of the countries with the lowest human development would be Sudan. Sudan had had many economic struggles because of civil war. Australia has a successful economy because they have set goals in the past. One of the goals was in fact to not use a fortune of money fighting wars and that is why you do not see Australia in many big wars. Yes, Australia has one of the most powerful militaries in the world, because t they don't spend a fortune fighting wars that don't need to be fought. Sudan on the other hand has not government control on their economy. There is just too much fighting going on. They have been in civil war since 1955. The war did stop, but it didn't. The action and killings kept happening and that's why they can't develop and have a better economy. When Sudan did split and created South Sudan, it led to more conflict, but with the split South Sudan has been able to pick it up and start devolving into a better economy. In fact they had the highest per capita in Africa in 2011 because people actually had jobs and we're making money. But the little and weak Northern Sudanese government is trying to set goals such as stopping the war. If they can stop the war then North Sudan will no doubt have more human development and will be able to have a better economy.