The Dead Zone

Why would you want to chemically pollute the Gulf of Mexico?

What is the Dead Zone?

The Dead Zone is when water from the Mississippi flows down into the Gulf of Mexico. The chemicals that are transported through the Mississippi are then transported to the Gulf. These chemicals create an area where and aquatic ecosystem can't sustain itself, so there is no aquatic life in the Dead Zone.

Who are they key players in this situation?

The chemicals that farmers are using for their crops sink into the ground and flow into the Mississippi which leads to the Gulf. The key players in this situation are the nearby farmers who use the dangerous chemicals and fertilizers on their plants.

Who would want to pollute an area that could be so full of life?

How does this relate to the tragedy of commons?

The farmers are using the chemicals to benefit themselves, but the outcome is not great. They are destroying the water when they could be preserving it, or using a different fertilizer that is all natural and would not harm the land.