Lauren Prezioso

Lauren Prezioso

Lauren Prezioso is an everyday hero because one day she was enjoying a day in the beach with her husband and her son when she heard the screams of a mother that her two boys were being swept towards the sea.Lauren was eight-month pregnant,but when she saw that nobody reacted,she jumped into the sea and swam until she rescue the two boys.

She works as a teacher in a high school of Lindley(NY).A typical working day for a high school teacher means starting work at 8:45 and finishing at 3:00pm.A high school teacher works in a high school.

At work,Lauren has to use computers,software...To be a high school teacher you need these skills:

pacience,intelligence and teaching children.

I would like to be a nurse because it has a very good salary and I like medicine.But I would prefer to be a pediatrician because I prefer careing children.

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