Blue Bell Recall

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Blue Bell has recalled their entire product line dates to 2010 according to the Centers for Disease Control. The company recalled it's ice cream, frozen yogurts, sherbets and other frozen items sold in 23 states. The bacteria found in them can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly, and any others with weak immune systems. They have recommended everyone not to est any Blue Bell products.


  • Three people in Kansas have died from the Blue Bell ice cream.
  • People first became sick in January 2010.
  • The cause of this is still unknown.
  • Blue Bell decided to take all of it's products off the shelf after finding listeria in chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
  • This is the third recall in the last month.
  • It will be at least three maybe four weeks until Blue Bell brings the products back.
  • Blue Bell's CEO promised to make sure all products were safe before putting them back on the shelf.

How does this affect us?

Many people in the world like ice cream. A lot of people eat ice cream and have no worries that they could be eating listeria, people don't want to have to eat stuff in a worry that they're going to get contaminated and possibly even die. After they put Blue Bell products back on the shelf i'm sure there will be a dramatic decrease in their sales. People are not going to want to buy stuff that has been recalled and deaths have occurred from this. This will also make people think more and be more picky before just eating anything.