Bear Creek Elementary Special Areas

May 17th, 2021

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A Message From Ms. Saenz

Hello there my sweet Cubs,

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, the library will need to start working on our inventory reports.

What does this mean for you?

All Bear Creek Library books will need to be returned by Friday, May 21st. You may also return your books before then!

Our last day to check out books will be on Monday, May 17th.

I am working on some Summer Virtual Libraries that I will be adding to our Library’s Blend Page, as well as introducing the 5 Book Dive of 2021!

The 5 Book Dive is a program started in 2016 from AISD librarians which encourages all students to read at least five books over the summer.

Research shows that reading just five books can protect students from the dreaded “summer slide” - the “drop” in reading levels that some students experience over the summer.

The 5BD encourages students to read any five books of their choice and provides lists of librarian-recommended titles for anyone who needs inspiration or maybe wants to try reading something a little different.

A printable 5BD bookmark is available on the website (on the "For Readers" page) and can serve as a reading log. Students who complete the log can get a $5 gift certificate from Book People (either in store or online). I will also have book marks available for you in the library if you would like to come grab one! :-)

Thank you! Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

Happy Reading,

Ms. Saenz

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Hello from the art room!

We are creating a ‘Connected Quilt’ mural for next year. If you are a distance learner, please pick up a packet from the box marked ‘Art Project’ from the front of the school at any time between Tuesday, May 18th and end of day Wednesday, May 19th.

We will put the paper quilt squares together during art classes between Thursday, May 20th and Monday, May 24th. Distance learners can return them to the same box when they are completed.

The quilt mural will be displayed at the beginning of school in the fall. The quilt represents our uniqueness as individuals while celebrating the power of our connectedness as a community.

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A Message From Ms. Schultz

Hello Bear Creek Families!

This week we will conclude our short two lesson striking unit with a station day ;-) Click on the first image below to see some ideas for at home equipment. Striking skills will not be assessed for grades, just some skill practice :)

In lieu of a Field Day this year we are planning a PE Play Day - Minute to Win It Challenges for PE classes May 24th-26th. I've included an image below of equipment that kiddos might want to start gathering for these challenges AND a 6 minute video "PE PLAY DAY_How To" on how the students (centered around the remote learners) will navigate the slides and challenges on that day. ALL Zoomies EXCEPT for Barbosa/Preston will have this lesson in PE on Monday, May 24th. Barbosa/Preston Zoomies will see this on Wednesday, May 26th. I will absolutely be going over this with them in PE but thought this might be helpful for some to see ahead of time. PS - No challenge is revealed in this "how to video" on purpose - PE Class will be the first time the students see any of the challenges :)

Please continue to use the PE BLEND Courses as your first source of information regarding PE, and message me through Blend or email with any further questions. Each grade level PE BLEND Course is linked below.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ms. Schultz