Peer Ministry Meeting Agenda

January 26, 2015

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Opening Prayer

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Daily Mass Schedule

Monday January 26th - Meeting

Tuesday January 27th - Roman

Wednesday January 28th - School Wide Mass

Thursday January 29th - OPEN

Friday January 30th - GROUP

Friday Morning Prayer

Stacy will be doing the prayer for Friday Morning Announcements this week. Ashley invites who will be doing it next week on February 6th.

Catholic School's Week Mass

Presented by Mass Chair Dominique

Peer Ministry Committee: Viviana, Luisa, Kim

Altar Servers:
-Camille Ybañez (Senior)
-Jeremy Ringor (Junior)

-Shane Serrate (Sophomore)

-Trinity Wyscarver (Freshman)

-First Reading: Jacob Pabalan

-Responsorial Psalm: Sung by Choir

-Prayers of the Faithful: Kyla Guillaume

Eucharistic Ministers: Kayla Davidson, Ashley Danville, Diana Gonzalez, Cierra Black, Nataliy Cornejo, Dominique Mena, Mr. Alvarado, Mr. Dalimot, Sñr. Loson, Mrs. Hines

Ushers: Stacy Pierik, Jose Trujillo, Roman Miranda, Victoria Beehler, Steven Greenwald, Mia Nadeau

Gifts: Claudia Alvarado (Peer Ministry), Wesley Smith (Athletics), Kristine Shourds (Theatre)

Set Up/Take Down:
-After school on Tuesday Jan 26 -(Members of the peer ministry mass committee and anyone else who can volunteer)

-Breakdown: all peer ministries

Projection system: Nick Castellos

Altar Setup

(Need 3 people from each grade level to put together the altar)

Freshmen: Zion Grant Freeman, Brennan Carnley and Emma Sartorius

Sophomores: Thorin Panico, Sal Olbes and AlexVela

Juniors: Sean Uppaul, Andrew Hicks and Hannah Berry

Seniors: Jacob Diaz, Michael Danciu and Tyler Kelly

Teachers (Altar top): Dr Hargis and Dr Cochran

Principal (Altar Stone): Mr. Luttringer

8th Grade Retreat

Presented by Mr. Alvarado

The 8th Grade Retreat is coming up on Thursday February 12th. This week Mr. Alvarado will be sending out the outline to everyone. Right now we need volunteers for the following:

Speaker - We need someone to be a speaker for the day with Mr. Beatty, the topic of their talk would be how Notre Dame has been more than a school, how it has been family to them. The talk should be a personal lived experience.

Posters - We need volunteers to create posters to welcome each of our partner school's joining us for this day retreat. We will need a poster for: St. Catherine, St. Thomas, St. Francis de Sales, Saint Edward, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Hyacinth, St. James, and Hawarden Hills Academy.

Key Club Blanket Drive

Presented by Dominique.

Key Club is holding a blanket drive this week, please support this cause by bringing new or lightly used blankets to donate and help keep those less fortunate a little warmer in this frigid time of year.

Big Brother/Sister Program

Presented by Cierra.

An update of the Big Brother/Sister.

Prayer Card

Presented by Mr. Alvarado.

Former Football Head Coach Peter McGowan was a big part of the school's football program and had to step down to help take care of his Mother, Coach McGowan loves Notre Dame and it was a hard for him to let it go.

Yesterday, Coach McGowan's Mother passed away. Let us prayer for her soul and her journey into the next life and for Coach McGowan and his wife and the rest of their family in this time of grief.

Committee Break Out

Committees break out and work on Action Items for them to accomplish. Chairs will briefly visit each committee to help them establish the actions items.

Action Item Update

Committees will share what their action items are for the week.

Other Business

Closing Prayer