Panther Updates

January 18th-22nd

Engaging. Relevant. Personal. Every Learner- Every Day

Week at a Glance

Monday 18th- No School MLK Jr. Day

Tuesday 19th-Innovation Team Meeting @ 2pm

Happy Challenge Day 11- At the start of class, pass out an index card and ask students to respond to this prompt: "I wish my teacher knew this about me..."

Wednesday 20th-

Happy Challenge Day 12- Write a thank you note to the custodian that cleans your classroom to tell him or her that you appreciate their work. It is often a thankless job.

Thursday 21st-Appy Hour at Sherwood 4:30-6:00 p.m.

Happy Challenge Day 13-Make a conscious effort to smile more today, especially at those students who are not having a great day. Smiles tend to be contagious!

Friday 22nd-

Happy Challenge Day 14- Use the last few moments of class to take of photo of students as a group. Print the picture and post it in your classroom.

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Valentine's Day Parties Friday, February 12th from 2:30pm-3:30pm

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ChromeBook Checkout

If ChromeBooks do not come back (are forgotten) or come back uncharged the student may not take the ChromeBook home for one week.

LEXIA Usage Goal Window of Fame

When your students reach their weekly Lexia reading goals please send them to the office with a buddy (for supervision). Students will get to sign their name to the window of the interior doors with an expo worker. (We will clean the windows weekly)

Upload Your Classroom Photos Please

I have shared a link via Google and in the link below. Any time you take photos of your class please upload them below when you have a chance. We will use all of these photos to upload and share on our hallway tvs, at Panther Pride Assemblies, on Portland's facebook, and for our year book.

The link to our Portland Photos is below.
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