Pipestone National Park

By: Lilly Johnson

Pipestone National Park

Pipestone is located in Southwestern Minnesota.Native Americans quarried the red pipestone which is found at this park. If you go to pipestone you will be able to see the traditions of the native americans and pipemaking. At Pipestone there are many activities, nature and the weather is very nice year round.


In the summer the temperatures range from the 60's to 80's with a slight chance of 100. In the winter the temperatures range from 32 to below freezing. During the winter snow usually accumulates on the mountains.

Indoor Activites

Inside you can watch an award winning 22-minute film about Pipestone, Pipestone; an unbroken legacy. The film is about the significance of Pipestone and the traditions that are still there today. Also inside there is cultural demonstrations. This is where Indians show how to do the art of shaping and creating Pipestone crafts.

Association With Native Americans

The quarries that are practiced are sacred to many native americans. The six tribes are thought to have taken over the quarries around the 1700's. All the nations were said to have quarried stone for ceremonial pipes. The picture shows the ceremonial pipe.

Fun Facts

At Pipestone there are many animals. Some of them include thirteen-lined ground squirrels, snapping turtles, beavers, and great blue herons. Throughout the park they have a total of about 200 species. Out of these there are about 25 mammal species, 100 bird species, 9 reptile species, 26 fish species, and lots and lots of insect species.