by:Layla Harrison

Welcome to the planet of Saturn

Come to the planet that has about 62 moons we will show you a good time if you have never been on the planet Saturn. If you come on down to the planet called Saturn then you will get to take a trip of any 5 moons of your choice.You get to take picture and have fun with your family.
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Here is one of Saturn's moons called Titan. It say that life of titan is not possible

There is no water but some scientific wonder if life based on methane might live on titan.But you could live there because there is carbon, oxygen, hydrogen ,nitrogen, and sulphur.

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Here is a picture of Saturn. As you can see there is a ring around Saturn. If you live on Saturn for at least 5 months then you will get a free pass to ride on the ring of Saturn but you have to be careful you need protective gear if you want to ride on the ring of Saturn.
There is a surface covering the planet so there is a door where you can go out there an play games at out festival one time a year where you get to eat,play games,ride the ride and most of all HAVE FUNN.