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WHAT-Hatshepsut was an Egyptian queen of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Gaining power after her husband’s death, she held effective power for more than 20 years. The daughter of Thutmose l by his queen Ahmose, Hatshepsut was married to her half-brother Thutmose ll, a son of Thutmose l by a lesser queen named Mutnofre. On the death of Thutmose II the youthful Thutmose III, a son of Thutmose II by a concubine named Ese(Isis), came to the throne but under the tutelage of Hatshepsut, who for a number of years thereafter succeeded in keeping him in the background. At the beginning she had only queenly status but soon assumed the double crown of Egypt and, after some initial hesitation, had herself depicted in male dress.


WHEN- Hatshepsut was born in 1538 BC and died in 1458 BC. How she died is unknown


WHERE- Hatshepsut lived in ancient Egypt


WHY- Hatshepsut was the first Egyptian queen

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