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Term 4 Week 5

Technology PD

Unfortunately there will be no tech session again this week as I will be away at the Aussie Bush Camp. We will pick up again next week with a few of the web tools featured in this edition. It's only a brief flyer this week too as we've had a very busy week! :)

Website of the Week

No Red Ink - A great little website where you can set grammar tasks for your class and track their scores and progress. If you need help setting up your class just come and see me for some help.

Apps to Try

Web Tools of the Week

Print Friendly - This site lets you create a print friendly version of any website. Simply paste in the URL of the website, hit Print Preview and then wait. On the next screen you have the option of printing the document directly from the browser or saving it as a PDF file. Additionally you can further edit the document and remove images and increase or decrease the text size.

Quizlet - A fabulous little site that allows you to make embeddable learning activities for your students. You can make flashcards for learning new vocabulary, spelling quizzes, matching games, multiple choice quizzes etc. I will demonstrate this website next week!

Chartle - This website allows you to create eye-catching interactive graphs which you can embed into blogs and websites. Free to use and no sign up required.

Learn Click - This website allows you to make online clozes, drag and drop, multiple choice and matching quizzes. Register your students and you can track their results as they attempt each quiz too. I'll also demonstrate this site next week.


Comprehension Logs

Lizzie Chase has put together another site full of amazing resources. This time she has made a Comprehension Continuum site with fantastic teacher prompts for teachers to use that directly link back to the Literacy Continuum. In addition there are logs to use to track student progress and question/task strips for students to use after reading. A fabulous resource.

Study Jams

A collection of 200 animated videos/songs about different concepts - mainly Maths and Science based. Great for revision.

NEO K-12

Reminder of this site with thousands of educational videos, activities, games and lesson plans on all KLAs.

We Give Books

A reminder about this fabulous resource for interactive books you can display on your IWB or have children read at home. The bonus is that for each book read, a book is donated to a child in need. Thanks Greg for a reminder about this site.

Want to know more?

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