Turtle in Paradise

by Jennifer L. Holm

4th grade - Flight Time Read Aloud in Accountable Talk - Tentative Schedule

Each day you read a chapter or two of this book go to this website: Help Readers Love Reading: For each chapter there are photographs to help the students better understand and visualize the story in their minds. Really cool!


April 18:

  • Show book trailer:


  • Show short video clip about Key West during the Depression - (2 min. 9 seconds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUJvbbV9VoE
  • Read blurb on back of book and set predictions. Also, begin character chart and add as the story progresses.

April 19:

  • Read Chapter 1 - Rotten Kids pgs. 3-11
  • Read Chapter 2 - Paradise Lost pgs.12-20

April 20:

  • Read Chapter 3 - Lucky as an Orphan pgs. 21-29
  • Shirley Temple Video Clip: (2 mins. 9 sec.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLLSqpYyPD8 *If there's one thing that Turtle's got an opinion about, it's Shirley Temple. She hates that chick with a vengeance. Why? Shirley, represents everything that's wrong with Hollywood. Real kids don't sing and dance and look perfect all the time, but Shirley Temple does. Plus, it bugs Turtle how everyone loves the actress so much. According to Turtle, she's nothing special.
  • This link will take you to a blog on Chapter 3 with examples of the comic strips that are mentioned in the story, so that your students can understand what the charcters are referencing: http://mrwreads.blogspot.com/2011/04/turtle-in-paradise-chapter-3.html

April 21:

  • Accountable Talk- What is the thing most surprising to Turtle about life in Key West?
  • What surprised you about Key West?

April 25:

  • Read Chapter 4 - The Conch Telegraph pgs. 30-40
  • Read Chapter 5 - Can You Spare a Nickel, Pal? pgs. 41-50

April 26:

  • Read Chapter 6 - The Truth of the Matter pgs.51-61
  • Read Chapter 7 - Terry and Pat pgs. 62-71

April 27: Bundle Text: Watch video clip: "Growing Up in the Great Depression"

https://youtu.be/hbEVeKIghCk (2 minutes 3 seconds)

April 28:

  • Accountable Talk -Cousins Buddy and Beans run the Diaper Gang for fussy babies - what did you think about the whole project?

May 2:

  • Read Chapter 8 - A Big, Happy Family pgs. 72-81
  • Read Chapter 9 - The Diaper Gang Knows pgs. 82-91

May 3:

  • Read Chapter 10 - The Man of the House pgs. 92-101
  • Read Chapter 11 - Ladies Who Lunch pgs. 102-112

May 4: Bundle Text - Leah's Pony

May 5:

  • Accountable Talk - What are the similarities and/or differences you noticed between Leah's Pony and Turtle in Paradise?
  • What do you think of everyone's names in the book? Do their names have any significance?

May 11:

  • Read Chapter 12 - Hard Times pgs. 113-122
  • Read Chapter 13 - Believing in Monsters pgs. 123-130

May 12:

  • Read Chapter 14- Lying, Stealing, No-Good Kids pgs. 131-137
  • Read Chapter 15- A Dream Come True pgs.-138-143

May 16:

  • Read Chapter 16 - The Rescue Party- pgs. 144-153
  • Read Chapter 17 - A Hollywood Ending pgs. 154-167

May 17:

  • Read Chapter 18 - Paradise Found pgs. 168-177

May 18:

  • Read "Author's Notes" pgs. 179-185 and show photographs

May 19: Accountable Talk -

  • Did you think maybe Slow Poke was Turtle's father before she did? Why?
  • Do you like the way the treasure money was divided and spent?
  • Was the ending just right for the story?
  • What themes or lessons did you notice in the this story?