Shower Works

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PEACE IN CHAOS - How it (Shower) Works

Having a shower can be exciting again!

With our all new Shower Works Stall.

This stall is beautifully designed to give you the thrill of fireworks while in the shower. (Fireworks not included.)

This stall is eight feet tall and four feet wide and can easily accommodate for most.

The floor is designed with a rhythmic pattern to provide a sense of comfort and style.

Take a peaceful shower in the midst of all the chaos going on outside or in your life.

We tried to produce a calming effect with the simple black walls inside the stall.

With the needs of consumers in mind our shower works stall was created.

You may get personal customization to make it your perfect experience.

Calm down, relax, and step out feeling clean and refreshed !

your experience will be simply serene.

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  • The shower head and water pressure is adjustable with just a flick of a wrist.

  • We provide a shower chair for those who are physically unable to fully experience our spacious space.

  • Our floors light up to your preferred colour scheme.


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Cryskeeba Corporations

At Cryskeeba, we our very proud of our wide variety of shower stalls. We want people to feel relaxed and rejuvenated when they step out of a Cryskeeba shower.

So shower with us and you will not be disappointed!