The Advisor Advocate

August 2018


We are so excited to introduce our new newsletter: The Advisor Advocate! This will hopefully prove to be a useful tool for our advisors. Each month we will include an ice breaker, a lesson, and important information for advisors. We hope you enjoy!

Ice Breaker

Rock, Paper, Scissors!

  1. Everyone find a partner!
  2. You will say Rock, Paper, Scissor, shoot!
  3. Select your choice.
  4. If you win, then you become the leader.
  5. If you lose, then you become the other person’s cheerleader.
  6. Cheerleaders just yell and cheer on their leader.
  7. Leaders find another leader to challenge.
  8. The process continues until it is two leaders challenging each other, with everyone else cheering.

Process this activity with your council!

  1. How did it feel to be a cheerleader?
  2. How did it feel to be a leader?
  3. Which role did you enjoy more?
  4. If you were a leader, how did it feel to have people cheering you on?
  5. If you were a cheerleader, how did it feel to cheer others on?

Both roles are important! Sometimes you need support behind the scenes in order to get the job done. Sometimes you need someone to take charge and lead. Both have value and contribute to the good of the group.


Goal Setting

Beginning a new school year can be a great time to do some goal setting! When crafting goals for the year or for each officer, it is best to use SMART goals.

S- Specific: Decide what your want to accomplish

M- Measurable: How much? How many? How will you know it’s accomplished?

A- Attainable: Is the goal reasonable?

R- Realistic: Do you have the ability and commitment to achieve this goal?

T- Time-Bound: Putting an ending point for your goal is essential!

Sample SMART goal:

I will raise $100 for Bert’s Big Adventure through emailing family members asking for a $20 donation to engage in GASC’s State Service Project, and will turn in at GASC Convention at the end of February .

Now take some time to craft three goals for the year!

Check-in every 30 days to see where you are at and reevaluate!


We are off to an exciting year! Here are some important dates:

GASC Leadership Summit

November 5, 2018

Georgia State Capitol

National Conference on Student Activities

November 30 - December 2, 2018

Westin Atlanta Perimeter North

The National Conference on Student Activities will replace our Advisor Conference this year, since we are hosting! This is an amazing opportunity to experience a national conference right here in your home state. There will be amazing keynote speakers, seminars, and workshops. Check out the website or email us for more information. Registration goes live August 15th!

Shari Endo

Middle School Advisor Liaison

Corey Stillwell

High School Advisor Liaison