Weeks of February 15th-February 26th

Time flies when you're having fun!

I can't believe we are in our second semester together, and are half way through February! There are many exciting things happening in classrooms and our school. I am so thankful to share the journey with you!

Weekly Calendar

Monday, Feb. 15 - SRT, Kristin Out

Tuesday, Feb 16 - PLC, Parent Teacher Conferences

Wed., Feb 17 - Staff Development - more info from Sue and Amy soon, 3:00 Assembly

Thursday, Feb 18- Husky Council; Wear 20 Sweatshirts; Writers Luncheon Names Due

Friday, Feb. 19th - NO SCHOOL! ENJOY!!!

Monday, Feb. 22 - SRT; Writers Luncheon

Tuesday, Feb. 23 - PLC

Wednesday, Feb 24 - Staff Management

Thursday, Feb 25 - Service Team; Interest Fair

Friday, Feb. 26 - Maker Space Team; Winter Swimming Celebration; Favorite Movie/Singer

Saturday. Feb. 27 - HPSA and YMCA Winter Party/Family Night

Looping Update

After much deliberation and honest communication, we would like you to know that we will not have looping first and second grade teams next year. We are exploring a few options to optimize learning and to become leaders in innovative experiences for students. Along with this, there may be some team and location changes. The teachers directly effected have been part of this conversation, but I wanted everyone to know. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts throughout this process. We did not make this decision lightly and fully believe we will continue to have a heartfelt positive impact on the lives of children we serve!
Sesame Street: Janelle Monae - Power of Yet

Swimming Reminders for January 26th

There are a couple important reminders for our upcoming Swimming Celebration:

  • ALL students MUST have a paper permission slip turned in to attend.
  • Parents MUST be approved through the HSSD Volunteer Process in order to swim and help with the trip.
  • Please continue to check on parent names with Karen as your forms are returned or names are added.
  • Thank you to the celebration committee for organizing this! I think the kids will have fun!

Data Wall

We are inviting each grade level team to adjust their running record levels on the Data Wall by the end of next Thursday. We appreciate your ownership of the data and the great conversations we are hearing around it!

Personalized Learning Check In

Our Personalized Learning Team continues to grow and support discussions about student impact with personalized experiences, and increased engagement with maker spaces. As a celebration, we we just found out that we were awarded a $500 grant for Dash and Dots through Schneider National. We are thankful for their financial support!

"Tinkering is a powerful form of learning by doing, an ethos shared by the rapidly expanding maker community and many educators. It celebrates the best of what it means to be human. One of the most endearing things about the maker movement is how many children are celebrated as heroes, leaders, and innovators." (Martinez, Invent to Learn)

Educator Effectiveness Check In

Thanks to those of you who have been submitting your forms from your mid-year SLO review and student survey reviews! I will be gearing up for another round of informal observations. This time around I will be using classroom visits, SRT, morning meetings and more informal settings where we engage as professionals.

Literacy Check In

A shout out to our Howard BLT team team who is truly thinking of ways to support our Husky readers! This team has been working on creative ways to build our book room. More details will be coming soon about Husky bracelets that will be given to students and families for a donation. Please promote and encourage student participation when this kicks off!

Also, a reminder about the excellent resources that are part of our district website. Today, I wanted to highlight out "Beliefs" about Literacy as a district:

We believe:

  • Proficiency in literacy is critical

  • The Howard-Suamico School District is the primary literacy leader in our community

  • Schools in the Howard-Suamico School District create a culture of literacy

  • Continuity in literacy instruction must be appropriate to student strengths and needs

  • Appropriate intervention is critical for student literacy development

  • Teachers are mentored and prepared to provide high quality literacy instruction

  • Administrators actively support the literacy plan
  • Families and communities play an integral role in literacy development