Aren't we all the same?

We don't need to fit in.

We hear more than we see.

I've never in my life have seen have been physically bullied. Yes I've heard people being physically bullied through Facebook stories and the news but the bullying I've ever come to know of is by word use. I guess being in this new technological era has brought in something new for bullies to try. Everything that I've come to know about bullying is verbal and cyber.
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The Myths of the Truths.

Kids who are bullied can feel many unwanted hurtful emotions.

They often feel sad, lonely or nervous because in the end most feel alone.

Spreading rumors can add to multiple types of teasing and multiple teasers. That's when the victim finally feels powerless because they feel like they can't get away because now it's all around them.

Once the victim has had enough they most likely will slowly start to not come to school anymore and usually it's because they heard a rumor that they might get beat up next week at 3pm or some nonsense like that.

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Where's the "helping hand" we created?

1. At least 95% of the population of students have a cellar device and use a laptop, computer, or tablet. We go on group chats and have social media accounts. We see a lot. But yet when we find out something crucial could happen or see the effect of the trama a person has faced of a bully most people say that they don't know what to do because they aren't that close to that person. Or that they didn't know that was happening to them and they wouldn't really know what to do at this point.

How we could fix this is to actually be more social to not so close friends keep an eye on them by asking them what's up and etc. Also within social media and they see the trailer of what could happen find a way to stop that because every school has confidentiality about a student reporting something. So everyone is safe.

2. I don't think most schools have a program like C.I.S (community in schools). In my school we do and they are there for kids who need someone to talk to, so it's basically a counselor to help you out with things. But in my school they created a lot of groups to help stomp on bullying and have made charts and have small announcements to basically tell kids to stop bullying because they have made a group but they still want everyone else to stop because the announcement isn't for nothing.

I feel like what we could do for the middle schools and high schools who don't have a similar program like C.I.S is to have a petition across the country for each town so more kids can have somewhere to talk and feel safer and find a way to deal with the bullies instead of just hiding and missing school.