Brandon Elementary Tech Tips


Quizizz is a super fun website where kids take quizzes that you make. Super fun quizzes, eh? Quizizz spices up a quiz with fun music, a scoring mechanic, and memes. All of these things, including the scoring mechanic and the memes are optional features, so feel free to tone down the competition or jokes if you want to.

Google Earth

Google Earth is one of my favorite teaching tools. It can be used for a ton of different connections to content. Look up places, turn on the weather, or even analyze traffic. It's an amazing tool- and it's free.

StarWars Coding has a StarWars Hour of Code section now! It's really cool, and offers some tougher challenges for kids who may have down the studios before.


A new tool for Professional Learning: EduPaths is coming out soon. It's going to have bite sized chunks for teachers to work on to grow their understanding of teaching.