Online books for students and teachers

By: Terrah Trent


  • It can be used in multiple subjects
  • You can read fiction books as well as non-fiction books
  • Children can listen to the story which can help those who have trouble reading or ELL students
  • It highlights the sentences as it reads it
  • They can take take short quizzes to test their comprehension
  • Tells teachers the Common Core standards it follows
  • Easy to use site
  • Beneficial for students that learn visually
  • Has a teachers lesson guide they can use to prepare activities using TumbleBooks


  • You have to subscribe in order to use the site after the free 30 day trial
  • It is $599 for K-3 or $700 for K-5 per year, which can be an issue for schools that are on a budget
  • If assigned for homework, students may not have computer access at home
  • When working in class, the sound can be distracting to the other students if they are not able to go in a separate area while listening to these books

Implementation in the Classroom

  • Teachers can use TumbleBooks as an incentive, once they finish their work in class, they can go on this site, listen to the books, and play the games/quizzes.
  • Teachers can do different groups, where they take turns on TumbleBooks. Teacher can assign a specific book and require the students participates in the quiz showing the teacher their score before they move onto the next activity.
  • Teachers can also assign TumbleBooks for homework for their students. They can be required to read a specific book and complete the quizzes and bring proof they completed this homework.
  • Teachers can use this in the classroom for students to practice their vocabulary and their fluency in reading.
  • You can also have students complete the book report portion to assess their understanding of the story.

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