Climate Change

A change in global or regional climate patterns


Climate Change is already beginning to transform life on Earth. Around the globe, seasons are shifting, temperatures are climbing and sea levels are rising. Meanwhile, our planet must still supply us, and all living things.

Threats/ Impacts

  • High Temperatures
  • Changing Landscape
  • Wildlife Risks
  • Rising Sea Levels (Threatens Low-Lying Areas and Islands)
  • Health (Heat Related Illnesses and Infectious Diseases)

What Can We Do?

  • Support and Donate
  • Fly Less (air travel leaves behind a huge carbon footprint. Consider greener options such as buses, or trains)
  • Reduce,Reuse, and Recycle
  • Spread the word
  • Use Green Power ( generate your own green power install wind turbines or solar panels)
  • Make wise transportation choices (carpool, bike,or walk)
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Future Effects

  • Temperatures will continue to rise
  • Growing season will lengthen
  • Changes in precipitation patterns
  • More Droughts and Heat Waves
  • Sea Levels will rise
  • Arctic will likely become ice-free

U.S. Regional Effects

  • Northeast- Heat waves, heavy downpours, and sea level affecting growing challenges.
  • Northwest- Sea level rising, erosion's, Wildfires, Insect breakouts, and flooding
  • Southeast- Sea level rising, Extreme heat, and environmental impacts
  • Midwest- Extreme heat, heavy downpours, flooding, and forestry
  • Southwest- Increased heat, droughts, insect breakouts, wildfires, and erosion's


  • The golden toad is the first species to go extinct due to climate change
  • Above 600,000 deaths occur worldwide every year due to climate change
  • 2014 was the hottest year since 1880
  • The Arctic region may have its first completely ice-free summer by 2040
  • Climate change costs the U.S. over $100 billion each year
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Why Is Climate Change Important?

Climate Change is the most important problem in the world. If we don't act now climate change will rapidly alter the lands and waters we all depend upon our survival, leaving our children and grandchildren with a very different world.
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