"Geology Rocks" By: Anna Hansen 4th Hour

Working as a Geologist

  • Study the structure of Earth.
  • Explore and map landforms (e.g. valleys and mountains).
  • Drill through layers of the Earth.
  • Identify rocks, minerals, and fossil fuels.
  • Collect samples and data from the field.
  • Earn $68,570 per year (national average).
  • Self-employed.
  • Work with specialized tools ( e.g. chisels, levels, transits, telescopes).
  • Field expected to grow by 30%.
  • Write reports based on findings.


  • Many geologists are self employed, leaving you in charge of when and where you work.
  • Most colleges offer courses specific to this career, making finding classes easier.
  • Geologist find the answers to important problems, this makes you feel special and your job is worthwhile.


  • Spend time alone working on research projects, this can be difficult especially if you are having questions.
  • Many geologists only specialize in one area, this could mean only doing specific tasks.
  • Geologist may travel a lot, leaving you less time with family and friends.

How Can I Succeed?

Helpful high school courses may include-

  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Biology
  • English
  • Statistics and Probablility

Helpful college courses include - ( may differ between schools )

  • Geosciences
  • Basic Geology
  • Geography
  • Environmental Sciences

Optional Colleges

University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

2420 Nicolet Dr.

Green Bay WI. 54311



  • Only 6,900 students, sometimes it nice to have smaller classes.
  • $14,500 estimated cost for tuition and fees, not much compared to other colleges.
  • Very close to home, not being far away means more time to spend with family.


  • Not very culturally diverse, it's better to socialize with people from all over the world.
  • Only two classes specific to geologists, it could be difficult to get the training you need to become a geologist.
  • Freshman must live on campus, it would be nice to have a place to yourself.

Lawerence University - Appleton

711 E. Boldlt Way

Appleton WI. 54911



  • Offers multiple classes related to geology, this could help you when finding a job.
  • Has a 9-1 student to professor ratio, making it easier to collaborate with professors.
  • Only has 1,500 students, this means smaller classes and more time learning.


  • All students must live on campus, it would be nice to live away from campus in your own apartment or house.
  • Not very culturally diverse, it's better to socialize with people from all over the world.
  • Farther away from home then other colleges in the area, it would be nice to be close to home.

University of California - Berkley

Berkley, California


  • #1 Public University, employers may favor job seekers who went to college here.
  • 7 Nobel Prizes won by faculty, this may mean that the teachers know more then others.
  • 276 degree programs, meaning more opportunities to become a geologist.


  • 17.3% acceptance rate, making it very difficult to get in.
  • 35,000 students, this is a large school and sometimes the classes are huge, making it difficult to get one on one time with professors.
  • $ 35,676 per year (approximately), a much higher tuition fee then most collages.

Want the Job?

Have rocks ever interested you? Do you love to collect them? Then becoming a geologist may be for you! As a geologist you will get to travel all around the country. You will work in the field, collecting samples from our lovely Earth. Some geologists even scale mountains to acquire rare rocks and samples. But if climbing mountains isn't for you, that's okay. Other geologists work in labs, collecting data samples and running them through specialized equipment. Many geologists are self employed, so you can pick your hours! You could earn $68,000 per year, and you could even work for the government. Just as long as you finish collage because most employers require a masters. So go out there and dig up some rocks. For more information call 1-888-THE-ROCK today.

Contact Associations

The Geological Society of America


The Geological Society of America
3300 Penrose Place
Boulder, CO 80301-1806

American Geosciences Institute

4220 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22302-1502

(703) 379-2480


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