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agriculture update

Now for the agriculture update there's been a lot of improvement so let's get to it first up irrigation .It helps us control flooding and save people from floods.We also use irrigation to save water for droughts. which leads us into our next topic droughts a long time with little or no rain.irrigation helped us prepare for droughts so we didn't die from thirst.Next up the wheeled cart helps us carry food and other supplies.Also is a good transportation. That's today's agriculture update be back tomorrow .


Today we interviewed mr.himbit for you to see what your peers are doing.

Us;Hi,we’re going to ask you some questions.


Us.What's your job?

Mr.Himbit:I’m a scribe for babylon.

Us:Whats a skill you have for you job.

Mr.Himbit:yes I can read and write.

Us; Would you tell us about your family.

Mr.Himbit:sure I have a wife,a son,a daughter,and my family owns a slave.

Us:How old are you?

Mr.Himbit:I’m 44 years old.

Us:Tell us something about interesting about you.

Mr.Himbit:I work as a soldier war times.