Flappy Bird Herunterladen

The Intelligent way to achieve a high score on Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird has become very popular over the past few months. YouTube demos on how to play the high addictive and ‘simple’ game has been viewed over a million times. It has actually attained high popularity than even the Forbes news. This leaves everyone wondering why people have been enslaved by the game. Videos have revealed the frustrations that the games face when they fail to achieve a high score when playing the game, everyone wants to get glued and pay attention to the Flappy Bird game. Many have turned to tactics of achieving Flappy Bird High Score just to be able to enjoy the game and move on.

Before you can be able to even think of scoring on Flappy Bird game, you first need to learn about the basics of the game, what the game entails and how to go about it in order to enjoy and achieve a high score at the same time. The whole idea here is to move the little cute bird on the flight and pass the obstacles while staying on the flight as long as possible through your help as the pilot. You will need to go slow, at first and increase your pace slowly, you can move swiftly upwards and also allowed it to aim lower giving you a room to rise.After doing it for some time, you will discover that the game is very predictable and you can easily achieve Flappy Bird High Score.

You will also need to do away with any distractions and interruptions that might shift your concentrations from the game, and prevent you from achieving a high score. Some of the things you might consider is lowering the music volume, being alone in the room, or any other method that might help you to keep your focus on the game. Make sure everything is in good order. It is also important to stay put and avoid any stress if you need to achieve a high score in the game. You can stop and distract yourself until you feel refreshed enough to carry on with the game.

While being highly attentive on the game, you will need to wait and tap the last minute, you will likely hit the top of pipes or fly high if you wait and do the second tap, this might increase your chances of achieving a Flappy Bird High Score.Once you are able to get more than 10 score, you are on the rhythm, you now need to master and memorize how the little bird flies to each tap. The awareness and tricks you have now developed are highly beneficial and you are likely to achieve a high score.

Remember to try again and again, until you have your highest score, however to achieve more fun ,do not stop at your highest score, instead you can try playing against others i.e. playing with your friends and competing can also be a great motivation, to achieve the highest score in the game.

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