SPS Wellness Plan

Healthier Food, Healthier Students

Obesity in Schools

Springfield Public Schools has seen an alarming increase in the amount of students above a healthy weight. The Springfield Public Schools Wellness Plan will aid in achieving the Healthy People 2020 to reduce obesity. Instead of allowing students to dine on unhealthy food, SPSWP will set limits on sodium, sugar, and fat. The schools have also set calorie limits on snacks, and every meal.

Nutrition at Home, Health Discrepancies

Sadly, kids aren't at school for every meal, and some go home to houses with no food. Another goal of the Health People 2020 is the eliminate this health discrepancy. While the schools cannot force any student to eat when not at school, they can help those who they know wouldn't eat at all without them. With SPSWP, lower class families will receive sack lunches every week giving them healthy meals on weekends and for dinner throughout the week, depending on income. This way, all students will have acquit meals and nutrition and stay healthy. All the students will be fed, and by Healthy People.

Healthy Meals, Healthy Students, Health People 2020

Healthy to Happy, Quality of Life

The entire goal of the SPSWP is to improve every area of health for student, meeting Health People 2020 goals. Setting entree outlines, and calorie limits aid in this extremely. The SPSWP requires students to have three items on their tray, including the main entree. Those steps give the students no option but to have a healthy meal. This would in turn improve the quality of their lives, because students will be healthy. When someone is healthy they're quality of life is better, and they're all around happier.