Created By: Aashwan Dhaliwal

Miracle of the invention of Art!

Art is everything that we see and do without even realizing. Many people say that they can't draw or basically do art but you are wrong. When you right a letter of the alphabet you are doing art. lines and curves are part of the miracle of art. So for every kid, teen and adult you can do art and some of you are doing the best art I have ever seen. So if someone tells you that you cant't draw remember that writing is drawing and art.

How Art Has Changed Me.

Art has now become my most favourite past time because it allows me to express myself without being judged. When something that I draw doesn't come out right I put a new look to it and continue with that point of view on it. Art is what allows me to put my frustration out and my happiness without showing it. Art is what gives me a bubbly personality and a good thought towards everyone new I meet. This is how art changed my life.
Making of Migration | a painting by Marcel Witte