Hunter- 2nd period
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This book is an all time favorite of mine, to be honest i don't read a lot. This book has changed the way i look at things because, it shows to me that other people have a worse life than me so i should be thankful for what i have. This book also has one of the sports that i love to play. I recommend this book strongly
Slam! by Walter Dean Myers
you have to read this book all of the athletic people are reading it and so should you.
"Basketball is my thing. I can hoop. Case closed." -- Slam (chapter 1 paragraph 1)


On the basketball court 17 year old Greg "Slam" Harris is in control. His disciplined body does what he tells it, the ball is an extension of his arms and his powerful legs allow him to elevate above the ground. Off the court however his life is a mess. His grandmother is in the hospital on her death bed, his grades are horrible, and his best friend is possibly dealing crack. This is what Slam is facing in life. He wants to go to college then continue on to play for the NBA. Though his grades may prevent him from doing that. So, he gets help from Mtisha, who Slam loves, to tutor him in math so he can stay eligible. Slam's coach feels Slam is a showboat and does not play him. Slam befriends the old basketball coach at Latimer who not only gives him basketball tips but also gives him tips on life. The climax of the story is when Latimer plays Carver for the right to be the first place team in the state tournament. It puts friend against friend, Slam versus Ice. It is a very tight game all the way but Latimer is victorious. At the afterparty Slam finds Ice dealing crack to a woman. So, Slam gets in a fight with Ice and ends their friendship.
Slam is a very good book that shows how a kid from the streets that has a talent can rise from adversity and how his struggles off the court can effect him on the court. It can also show a child that there are awards if you make the right decisions in life. That if you put your heart and soul into anything they can become successful. Walter Dean Myers writes wonderfully. You feel as if you were on the court with Slam during games and that you can feel the pain that he goes through off the court.
Suzanne Collins loves this book she says that people like you will enjoy this book tremendously
Here is the rest of the book.... sike you need to read the book to find that out!
If you love the sport basketball then this is the book for you!
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