Dragon Diary

September 8, 2023

Important Dates


11 - Registration for Junior PSAT Closes

Buddy Bag Drive Begins

12 - Dragons Care Ribbon Cutting

13 - CSHS Curriculum Night

14 - Varsity Football at KISD Athletics Complex

16 - Yearbook Prices Increase

20 - Homecoming Carnival, Parade and Pep Rally

21 - Homecoming Ticket Purchase Deadline at 4pm for Early Bird Pricing

22 - Varsity Football at Dragon Stadium

Buddy Bag Drive Ends

23 - Homecoming Dance at the Gaylord Texan

28 - Letter Jacket Sizing at CHS and CSHS

30 - Senior Yard Sign Order Deadline


3 - AP Registration $20 Late Fee Begins

5 - Varsity Football at KISD Athletics Complex

11 - Pre-ACT for Freshman & PSAT for Sophomores at CHS

PSAT for Juniors at CSHS

SAT School Day for Seniors at CSHS

12 - School Picture Retakes at CHS and CSHS

13 - Varsity Football at Dragon Stadium

19 - Varsity Football at NISD Stadium

24 - AP Registration $70 Late Fee Begins

27 - Varsity Football at NISD Stadium

CSHS Buddy Bag Drive

Carroll Senior High School Student Council presents...the Buddy Bag Drive benefitting Wipe Out Kids Cancer. From September 11th-22nd, students may purchase and drop-off items for an Art Kit, Hygiene Kit, or Parent Kit (all items from the kit must be included) in the Carroll Senior High School Library during normal school operational hours. For every $10 spent, students receive one volunteer hour for up to a maximum of 5 hours - receipts are required for credit. Students may acquire a maximum total of 25 service hours from donated items over the course their high school career.

Questions can be directed to Lindsey.jacobson@southlakecarroll.edu or Amy.skrovan@southlakecarroll.edu

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CSHS Curriculum Night

Join us for curriculum night! During this event, you will be able to complete a mini-day in the life of your student. We will have bells set and you will transition from class to class, starting with your students first block and ending with their eighth block. During “class-time” you will learn about the curriculum your child will be learning this year in that particular class. If you are joining us, be sure you have a picture of your student's schedule. We will be in the halls directing you from class to class. It will be a fun night!

CSHS curriculum night will be held on Wednesday, September 13th from 5:30pm until 7:00pm.

We can't wait to meet you!

Yearbooks on Sale Now!

Yearbooks are on sale now for the lowest price of the year!

Get your CHS/CSHS yearbook for $70 through September 15th only. This back-to-school special price also includes four free icons if you choose to purchase personalization.

The award-winning Dragon Yearbook features grades 9-12 as well as all Carroll sponsored sports and activities. For more information on yearbook sales, senior recognition ads or school portraits, please visit dragonmedia.org/yearbook.

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Homecoming Carnival, Parade, and Pep Rally

Get ready for the 2023 for the Homecoming Carnival, Parade, and Pep Rally!

Carroll Student Council is proud to present WELCOME TO PARADISE - the 2023 Homecoming Carnival, Parade, and Pep Rally in Town Square on Wednesday, September 20th, 2023.

The carnival will take place in Rustin Park at Town Square from 4:30-6:30 p.m., with the parade kicking off at 6:30 p.m.

For questions, please email Lindsey.jacobson@southlakecarroll.edu or Amy.skrovan@southlakecarroll.edu.

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Senior Yard Sign

Show off your Senior with the Class of 2024 yard sign! This is a fundraiser for project graduation and the deadline is September 30th.

Order here: https://carrollpto.wufoo.com/forms/chscshs-pto-senior-yard-sign-order-form/

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2023 PSAT/NMSQT Registration for Juniors

This information is for 11th grade students ONLY.

Dear CSHS Juniors, Parents and Guardians:

Carroll ISD is offering the PSAT/NMSQT digital exam to 11th grade students at Carroll Senior High School during the school day on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. Students will need to bring their fully-charged laptop to CSHS. Students may use their own device or school-issued laptop. The required exam Bluebook app will need to be downloaded on the student’s device by visiting https://bluebook.app.collegeboard.org/

Important Dates:

• Monday, August 21, 2023 – Registration Begins (the cost is $24 per exam; online payments ONLY)

• Monday, September 04, 2023 – Late Registration (registrations after 11:55 p.m. will incur at $10 late fee per registration; online payments ONLY)

• Monday, September 11, 2023 – Registration Ends at 11:55 p.m. (no further registrations will be accepted)

• Wednesday, October 11, 2023 – PSAT/NMSQT Exam Day

Please Note:

• There is no make-up day for this exam.
• Late fees are nonrefundable.

Click here to pay and register for the PSAT/NMSQT for Juniors

If you have any questions about the PSAT/NMSQT, please contact the Campus Testing Coordinator, Emmanuel Madrid at emmanuel.madrid@southlakecarroll.edu

2023 Sophomore PSAT/NMSQT

This information is for 10th grade students ONLY.

Dear CHS Sophomores, Parents and Guardians:

Carroll ISD is offering the PSAT/NMSQT digital exam to 10th grade students at Carroll High School during the school day on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. Students will need to bring their fully-charged laptop to CHS on this day of testing. Students may use their own device or school-issued laptop. The required exam Bluebook app will need to be downloaded on the student’s device by visiting https://bluebook.app.collegeboard.org/

Please Note:

There is no registration needed for this exam.

There is no make-up day for this exam.

If you have any questions about the PSAT/NMSQT, please contact the Campus Testing Coordinator, Emmanuel Madrid at emmanuel.madrid@southlakecarroll.edu

2023 Freshman PreACT

This information is for 9th grade students ONLY.

Dear CHS Freshmen, Parents and Guardians:

Carroll ISD is offering the PreACT (paper version) exam to 9th grade students at Carroll High School during the school day on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. Students will need to report to CHS on this day of testing.

Please Note:

• There is no registration needed for this exam.

• There is no make-up day for this exam.

If you have any questions about the PreACT, please contact the Campus Testing Coordinator, Emmanuel Madrid at emmanuel.madrid@southlakecarroll.edu

CHS/CSHS Picture Retakes

Ready, set, smile because picture day is almost here and all students will have their photos taken for the yearbook.

Some tips for looking your best are to wear solid colors and small patterns, avoid green and T-shirts with logos or sayings. Long-sleeved shirts look best as do simple earrings and necklaces.

Links and proofs will be sent to parents through email approximately two weeks after photos are taken.

Retakes on both campuses will be on October 12th.

For more information: https://csh.southlakecarroll.edu/student-life/portrait-information

Dragon Shop Volunteers Needed

The CHS Dragon Shop is looking for Volunteers for the 2023/2024 school year!

· Sell on Thursdays during lunches 11:00 to 2:00

· Inventory items

If you would like to volunteer your time, email amanda.eberling@southlakecarroll.edu and let her know how you can help! Volunteers will get a 20% discount on merchandise during their shift!

Student ID Badges

All students must wear their ID Badge daily for security and entrance into the buildings as the outside doors are locked and not open for entrance without your ID Badge.

ID Badges will also be used in the cafeteria to purchase food and beverages and in the library.

  • ALL students are required to wear their ID Badges on their person at all times and be visible during the school day.

    • Replacement ID Badges must be purchased for $10 in the CHS Counseling Office or the CSHS Library.

    Dragon Stadium Student Section

    We are making an exciting change to the student section this year at Dragon Stadium on Friday nights!

    In years past, the student section has been limited to one section for CSHS juniors and seniors. This year, we are adding a section for our CHS campus as well as the middle schools to create an awesome atmosphere for our students and athletes!

    We can't wait to see you at the games!

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    Dragon Varsity Football

    Southlake Carroll vs Timber Creek

    Thursday, September 14th at 7:00pm

    at KISD Athletics Complex

    Tickets go on sale at 8:30am on the Sunday before the game.

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    Campus Visitors

    Visitors entering and exiting from the front entrance is to ensure the safety for our campuses. We have asked all staff to not open any side or back doors, as everyone needs to enter the front doors.

    We will also require all visitors to show their drivers license at the front door camera before entrance into the school. Be prepared to show your ID every time you visit a CISD school, even if pre-registered.

    Thank you for your understanding as we strive to make our campus as safe as possible for your children.

    Operation #SAFEdragon

    The goals of the #SAFEdragon program are to improve safety and security within Carroll ISD and promote emergency preparedness among students and staff.

    Students should never open the doors for anyone, not even friends. Be a #SAFEdragon!

    2023-2024 Bus Passes

    Students will not be allowed to board any bus without a valid bus pass. To locate your child's bus number, stop and pick-up time for the 2023-24 school year go to Bus Routes

    • Individual Bus Pass: $315/Annual; $168/Semester
    • Family Bus Pass: $630/Annual; $341/Semester

    Payment by credit card, online or in person, requires a processing fee of $0.25 plus 4% of the transaction. Carroll ISD does not receive any of the credit card fees offered by this convenience. To purchase online, you'll need to use Google Chrome for access to the online form.

    If paying by cash or check only you will need to print and complete the Bus Rider Registration Form along with the Bus Rider Contract and submit payment in person or by mail to the CISD Administration Center - 2400 North Carroll Ave., Southlake, TX 76092 Attn: Cheryl McCormick.

    Upon completion of the transaction, your child's bus pass will be approved, issued and sent to your child's campus for distribution within 5 business days after the start of the semester. Bus passes are similar to a luggage tag and should be attached to your child’s backpack.

    For questions concerning busing or route information, please contact the CISD Transportation Department at 817-949-8323.

    For questions on payment or assistance in completing your online transaction please contact Cheryl McCormick in the CISD Financial Services Department at 817-949-8270.


    We offer AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY PASSES (at no charge) for students who, after their last class of the day, need to be transported to the other high school for a school sponsored sport or activity. This pass may be obtained by picking-up an application from the student's coach or sponsor.

    Once completed, it must be signed by the coach or sponsor of the activity or sport and returned to the office. All students must then sign the bus rider contract. Passes will be distributed to the student through the coach or sponsor.

    Students must present their pass to the bus driver each time they need to ride or will not be allowed to ride. This pass is not necessary if the student has a valid annual or semester bus pass. Please note that misuse of the pass will require immediate forfeiture of the pass and it must be used for transportation to school activities only.

    CHS Attendance


    A parent/guardian must contact CHS attendance (CHSAttendance@southlakecarroll.edu or 817-949-5609) any day (or duration) that their student will not be in school. If the absence is due to a medical appointment, religious observance, court appearance or day-of driver’s permit/license, please provide the written excuse/documentation.

    All Student Arrivals

    9th & 10th grade students must enter classrooms by 8:00am. Students must sign in at the attendance office if they arrive any time after 8:00am – even if it is during a passing period or lunchtime - to receive a pass. If a student arrives less than 20 minutes late for any block – they receive a tardy. If arrival is greater than 20 minutes, the student is absent for the entire block (per TEA code). In this case, CHS needs a parent/guardian note or phone call, or excusable appointment documentation. If we do not receive notice, the student will be unexcused for the block. Accruing unexcused absences leads to truancy tracking per the TEA Code.

    Freshman Departures

    9th grade students. Parents/guardians of 9th graders must physically sign their student out at the attendance office for early dismissal. This applies at both our High School and Senior High School. If someone other than a parent/guardian is picking up the student, that person must be on the emergency contact list in Family Access. If they are not, please provide their name and CHS will copy their driver’s license before we release the student.

    Sophomore Departures

    10th grade students. Many sophomores drive, therefore their departure procedure is different from freshmen. With written parent/guardian notice only, 10th graders may sign themselves out for early dismissal. Please follow these guidelines.

    ~ A parent/guardian writes a hard-copy note (no email or phone call) that includes:

    ~ Name of student (first and last)

    ~ Date of departure

    ~ Time of dismissal

    ~ Signature of parent/guardian signature

    ~ Phone of parent/guardian

    In the morning, the student brings the hard-copy, parent/guardian note to the attendance office in exchange for an early dismissal slip. At the approved time, the student shows the dismissal slip to their teacher and walks down to the attendance office to sign out.

    Kathleen Carrabine

    Carroll High School

    Office: 817-949-5609

    Fax: 817-949-5656


    CSHS Attendance

    CSHS Absent/Early Dismissal Procedures

    If your student will be late to school or absent all day, please email at your earliest convenience so that we can mark them tardy/absent and avoid sending out an email/text notification that your student is not at school.

    Juniors: Carrie.sanders@southlakecarroll.edu 817-949-5801

    Senior: julie.zamora@southlakecarroll.edu 817-949-5802

    Each year, many students (and parents) assume that because they are 18 years old, they can sign themselves out. For liability reasons, each student (no matter their age) must have parent permission before we can allow them to sign out and leave campus during the school day.

    If your student needs to be dismissed early, please send an email indicating the time your student needs to be dismissed. Your student can stop by the office and pick up their slip before school or during their passing period. You may also send a note with them that morning. The slip will allow them to leave class at the designated time. We are not allowed to call into a classroom to dismiss a student unless it is a true emergency. This prevents disrupting the entire class with a phone call from the office in the event the students are testing. Teachers have been informed not to accept texts or handwritten notes from the student – all dismissals must go through the attendance office.

    College Visits - Students are allowed 2 (two) excused days of absence, per semester to visit a college campus. Students will need to stop by the attendance office before the visit to sign our calendar and pick up a College Visit Form to be completed by the University while they are on campus. A college representative must sign and date the form and it must have either a school seal or stamp in order to be an excused visit. Parents must also sign the form before it is turned into the attendance office.

    Students will receive an absence if they miss more than 20 minutes of a class.


    A Verification of Enrollment is required for students getting a permit or license. There is a sign-up sheet in the front office of CHS for freshman and sophomores. If you sign in before noon, forms can be picked up by 3:21 pm, after noon forms can be picked up the next school day.

    Juniors and seniors need to obtain their VOE from the Senior High front office.

    Forms are good for 30 days.

    Commuting Between Campuses

    Students must commute between campuses (CHS/CSHS) via the district provided shuttle bus. The only exception is when a student begins or ends their day on a campus that is not their home campus, they may commute in their personal vehicle only for first or last block.

    Transporting other students in their vehicles is prohibited.

    CHS/CSHS Parking Policy

    Vehicles parked in CHS/CSHS designated student parking lots are under the jurisdiction of CHS/CSHS and must display a valid parking permit.

    Any vehicle parked on CHS/CSHS property must have a permit adhered to the PASSENGER side windshield. Permits taped, placed on dashboard, or displayed in any other manner are subject to warnings followed by vehicle immobilization (boot).

    Freshman, regardless of age, are prohibited from parking on either campus. Sharing or copying permits is also prohibited.

    Parking permit fees are listed below:

    General Parking Permit for 2 semesters (full year) $150.00 ($50.00 per permit for additional vehicles)

    General Parking Permit for 2nd semester only (half year) $75.00

    Reserved Parking Permit (Seniors Only) (full year) $250.00 ($50 refundable if space reset at end of year)

    The link to purchase can be found in your student's Skyward account.

    *Replacement of lost or damaged parking permits will incur a $30.00 replacement fee.

    Parking permits will NOT be sold or issued with incomplete paperwork. The parking information sheet must have all information completed and it must have both parent/guardian and student signatures (even if the student is 18). We must have accurate information for each parking permit sold.

    The submission of fraudulent or incorrect vehicle identification information or the use of fraudulent parking permits may result in the loss of parking privileges. Students must commute between CHS/CSHS via the district provided shuttle bus. The only exception is when a student begins or ends their day on a campus that is not their home campus, they may commute in their personal vehicle only for the first or last block. Students are not allowed to be in their vehicles during instruction time, passing periods, lunch, or off blocks.

    Any student parked in a handicapped parking space (without a handicapped permit), faculty lot, visitor’s lot, striped area, fire lane, or other unauthorized areas will be subject to having his/her vehicle ticketed, immobilized (booted) or towed at owner’s expense, loss of parking privileges, and/or disciplinary actions. This includes parking in the numbered/reserved spaces which have been reserved by seniors.

    The progression of disciplinary action is as follows:

    1st Offense: Violation sticker with explanation of violation and AP involvement.

    2nd Offense: Vehicle immobilized (booted), AP involvement, and a $30.00 boot removal fee. Additional disciplinary action for subsequent offenses.

    If a student’s vehicle is immobilized because the student has not purchased a parking permit, the boot will not be removed until a permit is purchased (if the student is eligible) and the removal fee is paid. Boots will be removed after the fee(s) are paid, and a member of Security and an AP are available. Vehicles that create safety or access problems may be towed, without warning, at the owner's expense.

    Please feel free to contact the Assistant Principal’s office at 817-949-5626 (CHS) OR 817-949-5803 (CSHS) with any questions.

    CHS Student Parking Map

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    CSHS Student Parking Map

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    Vaping Discipline Process

    HB 114 requires mandatory DAEP placement for any student who possesses, uses, sells, gives, or delivers to another person any component of an e-cigarette, also known as vapes, on or within 300 feet of school property or while attending a school sponsored activity.

    Closed Campus

    CSHS and CHS are closed campuses and students may not leave campus during lunch.

    Food Delivery Services

    Door Dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub or any other food delivery services are prohibited at CHS and CSHS.

    Parents are able to drop off lunch for their student at the drop off table in the CHS or CSHS front lobby.

    Item Drop Off

    There is a table at the front entrance of both CHS and CSHS where students can collect all items dropped off by parents.

    Please make sure any item dropped off is labeled with their name and your student knows to collect them. Please note that your student may not leave the building to collect items from your vehicle, these must be brought into the building and dropped off.

    Child Nutrition

    The Child Nutrition Department is committed to providing students access to a variety of meal and snack options while meeting the diverse needs of our student population.

    Please take a moment to check the balance on your students lunch account and add funds if needed. We encourage all parents/students to prepay money into their account to help lunch lines move faster and to avoid lost/forgotten lunch money.

    1. Cash/Checkcan be deposited in the lunch line at the point of sale. If you choose to drop cash off, please include your child’s name and ID number. Any change from a cash payment will be deposited on the student's lunch account.
    2. Online Payment - CISD has included a parent online credit card payment system through MySchoolBucks, online or mobile app. You can make credit card payments to your student’s cafeteria account online for a convenience fee of $2.75. The system will also allow parents to view student cafeteria account balances and purchases at no charge as well as set up free, automatic, low balance email notifications and automatic payments.

    Click here for more information.

    Nurses Note

    If you have not already done so, please update your student’s health history on Skyward. On CISD’s Health Services website, https://www.southlakecarroll.edu/Domain/48, you can find links for Action Plans for asthma, allergies, seizures, etc. as well as MAR forms. In the next week or two, I will begin screening for hearing and vision for students new to Carroll High School.

    As a reminder, students are not allowed to carry medications (over-the-counter or prescription). You may keep medications in the nurse's office for daily or as needed administration. Please be sure medicine is in original container, not expired, and has a signed MAR. Prescriptions also require a doctor signature. Inhalers, epipens, and diabetic supplies are the only exceptions to the carry policy, but the student does have to turn in the MAR and documentation from the doctor saying it is OK to carry. It is best if medications to carry are labeled, too. Also, the nurse is unable to dispense medicine, even Advil or Tylenol, unless it the student's own medicine brought in specifically for them.

    Thank you for your help!

    Kelly Lambert, RN


    CHS Nurse

    817-949-5610 phone 817-949-5656 fax

    Carroll Senior High School Nurse


    817-949-5810 phone

    817-949-5858 fax