Sixth Grade Quest

Can September Almost Be Over????

Crossing the Line Simulation

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In this simulation, two groups had to each get the other to "cross the line" and come over to their side in order to win.

It was both hilarious and mind-boggling to watch students beg, bargain, finagle, tease, and act injured in order to get the people on the other side to cross over. The class is certainly filled with actors and comedians!

You should have heard the gasp when students realized that there was a way for EVERYBODY to win! If people just switched sides, the goal could have been met.

This is a simulation to show how sometimes people don't try to figure out how to meet EVERYBODY'S needs and are blind to simple conflict resolution.

Conflict and Character

In our class discussions, we explored how authors use conflicts to show the personalities of their characters...and how we can learn a lot about one another from how each of us handles different kinds of conflict. We marveled at how some people thrive on conflict, while others do all they can to avoid disagreements.
Today, September 25th, the United Nations is kicking off their goals for the next fifteen years. Ranging from gender equality to quality education and from ending hunger to creating a culture of responsible consumption and production, the goals are an ambitious collaboration of 193 countries. New York City is filled with events this weekend related to the inauguration of these goals. Even if they aren't reached... or is exciting to see people coming together to try to improve the world. In fifteen years, just think where you sixth graders will be!!!
No Point Going Halfway
Gareth Bale takes a Dizzy Penalty for #dizzygoals