Zebra Family Update!

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Year!

## update 8/18/22 (digital id card update)

# update 8/16/22 (updated handbook is live on LHS website)

^^^ updated 8/13/22 (off campus privilege and student parking permits)

^^ updated 8/11/22 (schedule pick up and digital ID cards)

^ updated 8/10/22 (food service update)

***updated 7/27/22 (getting involved in Boosters, new ID card system & student employment)

** updated 7/22/22 (school photo ordering info)

* updated 7/20/22 (bell schedule, marching band, athletics & being in touch)

It's a Great Day to be a Fighting Zebra!

Hello Zebras and Zebra Families!

It's hard to believe, but we are getting geared up for the 2022-23 school year. I absolutely speak on behalf of our staffulty (staff & faculty) team when I tell you that we are excited to welcome our Zoo back to campus! In addition to our returning students, we look forward to meeting our Frosh and other new students as we work to build a community focused on learning and college and career readiness while we embrace our core values of character, care, connection and courage.

School resumes in just less than 6 weeks (New Student Orientation is on Thursday, 8/11; the First Day of School is Thursday, 8/18). On the first day of school, we'll start in class at 8:30am (period 1) and then gather for a welcome assembly. School will be dismissed at 3:30pm.

Please read on for important information about:

  • orientation (incoming Frosh and new students only!)
  • school photos
  • schedule and material pick up
  • fun activities happening the first weeks of school
  • how to get connected to LHS via the internet and social media
  • and more...I'll add information to this newsletter as details are finalized!

Please take a minute to put these items in your family calendar so that your student has the opportunity to feel ready to start the new school year on the right foot!

If your student is a Class of 2023 Senior, please be sure to schedule your senior portraits over the summer at: https://billsmithphoto.com/lincoln/.

Our office reopens on Monday, 8/8, but if you need anything in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the District Office (Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm / 916 645 6350) or reach out to me directly (jhladun@wpusd.org / 702 324 6884 - text if it's an emergency) and I'll help connect you with the right person!

It's a great day to be a Fighting Zebra!

Jen Hladun

* notates an update as of 7/20/22

New Student Orientation!

Thursday, August 11th


Location: Pence Gym

We encourage all incoming frosh students and any other "new to LHS" students to attend!

This is a student only event!

** School Picture Day!

Thursday, August 11th

Location: Theater (Pence Gym Building)

  • Junior Students: 8-9:30am
  • Senior Students*: 9:30-11am
  • Frosh Students: 11:30am-1:30pm (starting after orientation!)
  • Sophomore Students: 1:30-3pm

Make up pictures will be taken on August 31st.

* Class of 2023 Seniors - be sure to book your senior portrait this summer at https://billsmithphoto.com/lincoln/

*All seniors should stop by the photo area on 8/11...but if you've already taken your senior portrait, it'll be super quick! Here's how it works for seniors: any seniors who were photographed at the Bill Smith Studio will have their digital ID ready to go. They will just scan a QR code with their phone, show the ID and be on their way. Those who were not photographed over the summer will need to go to the photography area to be photographed so they can have an ID generated.


Go to http://www.campuscolorstudios.com/
Select Order School Pictures
Select LINCOLN FALL 2022-2023
Select your package

Questions? Call (916)749-1026 and select Option 1 or email services@billsmithphoto.com

ID Cards (updated ^^ and *** and ##)

We are moving to a digital ID card system for LHS students next year. Your ID will be accessible on your student's cell phone and we can add things like ASB, off-campus lunch, etc... in real-time via the office. IDs will be updated accurately and quickly as student situations change.

If a student does NOT have their own smartphone, we will print you a physical ID at no cost.

We are excited to be more Earth conscious and to remove the issues for students that pop up when students forget their card...and it will allow us to keep card-based privileges up to date (i.e. for off-campus lunch access).

This is a new system for us, so be patient as we all learn. But check it out and learn more here: https://high5.id/wp/id-essentials/

--added 8/18/22--

Jen Hladun attended our school board meeting on 8/16 to talk with the board and community about this tool given some of the feedback we've received. There are three important notes to consider:

1. of all the services that high5 offers, Bill Smith only uses the digital ID tool, which does not track students at all - it does, however, provide a digital version of the print IDs we've traditionally given out, and it allows us to add/remove 'notations' to the ID in real time based on students' grades/attendance/guardian permission/purchase for privileges like off campus lunch or ASB cards.

2. we (all schools in WPUSD, and most schools across the country) provide directory information to our school photographers annually, and guardians give permission for us to do so in the district's annual notification process. More information is available on the WPUSD website here and on the US Department of Education website here.

3. an issue that was left unresolved at the board meeting was concerns around public visibility of student directory information on the high5 website.

Related to topic 3, our Superintendent has since been working with Bill Smith Photography and directly with the high5 team to share the feedback around identifiable information and high5 has been incredibly responsive to the feedback.

We continue to believe that digital ids (through high5 or another tool) will help us ensure students only leave campus if they have explicit guardian permission, but we also know that we are still working on some of the concerns families have shared with the district and the board. We are continuing to provide digital ids via high5 for those that are comfortable with this service, but if you prefer to have a print id in the meantime, we are happy to provide your student with one.

If you would like to have your student's directory information removed from the high5 system, please let us know via this form. We will take any data collected and share it with Bill Smith for the purpose of updating our shared information and removing your child's directory information from high5's systems.

Please stay tuned for more information in the coming days (before make up picture day!) about how high5 has shored up the security of students' directory information on their website.

--- added 8/11/22 ---

Some families have contacted the school because they are concerned about this language on the high5.id website, "High5.ID is a suite of solutions designed to meet and exceed CDC guidelines for keeping schools open safely. Easily track students, visitors, and athletes on campus and off with our innovative cloud-based solutions that work with any smart device with a camera." To be very transparent, we are NOT using their full suite of solutions and this language refers to schools that use their system to check people (visitors and/or students) on/off campus for school safety and attendance purposes.

We are only using High5.ID's digital ID card and the ability to add 'alerts.' These visual alerts on some students' ID cards will let us know if a student has an off-campus lunch pass or has purchased an ASB card. The card is also scannable in our lunch lines for quicker service. In our contract with Bill Smith Photography, the limit of our ID is to "have the student's name, grade, ID number and barcode printed on it. The card can indicate ASB and an assortment of other options," Our hope is to build in things like dance ticket purchases so that students can get to the fun faster.

^^ Schedule and Material Pick Up

Location: Office and on Schoology/PowerSchool

We encourage students to get their schedule ONLINE - Schedules will be visible in PowerSchool and in Schoology for all students on Monday, 8/15 by 9am. Please note that schedules may shift next week as we finalize enrollment, so check your schedule on Wednesday afternoon so you know what to expect on Thursday and Friday!

  • Frosh Schedules should be finalized on Monday morning
  • Sophomore Schedules should be finalized on Monday afternoon
  • Junior Schedules should be finalized on Tuesday afternoon
  • Senior Schedules should be finalized on Wednesday afternoon

How to get a paper schedule:

If you would like to pick up a paper schedule, we've got you covered. Just come to the main office and see Mr. Jodrey (9th grade schedules) or Mrs. Emerson (10th-12th grade schedules) at/after the following times. We will not have paper schedules printed before the times listed below.

  • Frosh Students: Mon., 8/15, 8-11am
  • Sophomore Students: Mon., 8/15, 12-3pm
  • Junior Students: Tues., 8/16, 12-3pm
  • Senior Students: Wed., 8/17, 12-3pm

Picking up other materials:

  • Students will get textbooks from the library during class time.
  • Students who have not been issued a chromebook will also be able to get one from the library in the first week of school.
  • PE Clothes will be purchased from the PE teachers the first week of school (with cash or check [payable to Lincoln High School]). PE Clothes can also be purchased online at our Student Body Store - click here!

* Bell Schedule

Per state law, WPUSD High Schools will be starting at 8:30am starting in August 2022.

The basic schedule:

  • Monday: 8:30am - 2:30 pm
  • Tuesday-Friday: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Keep in mind that students take 8 classes at a time, but they take 4 each day. "Odd" days are periods 1, 3, 5 and 7. "Even" days are periods 2, 4, 6 and 8.

We will serve breakfast and lunch daily (more details below).

For all the bell schedule details (period start/end times and the odd/even calendar), click here!

^ Breakfast & Lunch Service

Our incredible food service team will be providing our Zebras with breakfast and lunch at no charge this year. We'll serve breakfast from 8-8:25am (cafeteria) and lunch (cafeteria and Pence Gym) during our scheduled lunch time (11:10-12 on Mondays; 11:30-12:20 on Tuesdays-Fridays).

The first couple weeks of school, we encourage you to send your student to school with a snack and/or lunch, as the lines may be long while we sort out off campus lunch passes and get into a routine!

Watch for more information on paperwork the district will ask all families to complete so we can meet the expectations of the federal lunch program.

Learn more about food service here, and click here to so you/your students can learn more about what to expect when they walk through the food line!

^^^Campus Parking Permits

Students and staff will need to have a parking permit cling sticker on their car window when they are parked on the LHS campus during school hours.

Having permits will help us to more quickly identify the owner of a vehicle that:

  • may not belong on campus
  • has been involved in a vehicle accident/incident
  • is parked in a restricted area (fire lane, staff parking, double parked, etc...).

To get a permit, students need to:

1. purchase a permit ($5 on our student store - cost is to cover cost of the permit) - click here

2. fill out a registration form online - click here

3. upload their license, registration and insurance information to the form (in step 2)

4. stop by Mrs. Pineschi's desk to pick up their sticker & affix it to their windshield

^^^Off Campus Lunch Privilege

Juniors and Seniors can apply for the opportunity and privilege to leave campus during lunch.

To apply for an "off campus lunch pass" you must:

1. complete this form - click here

2a. print the form and bring it to Mrs. Pineschi in the office or

2b. email the form (completed with Kami or other PDF writing tool) to Mrs. Pineschi (wpineschi@wpusd.org) in the office...if you email it, you need to check in with her in person to be sure she has received it

How you will receive your off campus lunch pass:

Off campus lunch passes will be notated on your digital ID once your pass has been approved by our admin team (this may take several days). Students will not be allowed to leave campus until they can show their digital off-campus lunch pass approval. If a student is using a printed ID card, we will need to consult with the office to ensure their off-campus pass is currently valid, and so there may be a delay in departure.

Eligibility criteria:

1. Yearly written permission from the parent on file in the office. Students found to have forged signatures of a parent will have the privilege revoked for the remainder of the school year.

2. Students must do ONE of the following:

  • Earn a 2.5 GPA with no grades of “F’s” or “NP’s” or
  • Be on track for A-G completion (as approved by Assistant Principal) or
  • Earn a “3/Standard Met” or “4/Standard Exceeded” on both the English/Language Arts and Math portions of the CAASPP exams (for incoming seniors only)
3. Students cannot have outstanding bills.

The off campus privilege may be forfeited at any time for any of the following:

1. Students suspended from school

2. Parent revokes the pass

3. Student attempts to take a non-privileged student off campus

4. Student’s GPA drops below a 2.5 GPA (may be reissued at next grading period if grades are at or above a 2.5 GPA)

5. Excessive tardies and/or absences (see cut/tardy policies)

Get Spirited!!!

Pick up LHS Spirit Wear or check out our ASB (Student Government) store to pick up your ASB/Athletic Event Entry Sticker! Click here for the links on the LHS website. Or click here for a direct link to order Spirit Wear and click here for a direct link to the ASB store.

First Weeks of School - Let's Go Zebras!

Work hard and have fun - that's how we do it at Lincoln High School!

  • First Day of School - Thursday, 8/18 (we'll attend odd classes (periods 1, 3, 5 and 7) and have a welcome assembly; wear your Zebra spirit! :)
  • Frosh Tailgate & Football Game - Thursday, 8/25, 5pm
  • All School BBQ & Club Rush - Friday, 8/26, lunch
  • Home Football Game - Friday, 8/26 (JV at 5 pm, V at 7pm)
  • Home Football Game - Friday, 9/2 (JV at 5 pm, V at 7pm)
  • New Student Welcome - Wednesday, 9/7, during school day
  • Back to School Night - Wednesday, 9/7, evening (details coming!)
  • Homecoming Week - week of 10/3

New students - join us and see what being a Zebra is all about!!!

Returning Zebras - can't wait to see your Zebra Pride!!

Get more details about these activities and other athletic contents (Girls Golf, Volleyball & Tennis) at www.lhs.wpusd.org

* Interested in Marching Band?

If your Zebra is hoping to participate in our marching band, email Mrs. Hladun (jhladun@wpusd.org) with your students name and contact #/email. We'll have our band student leadership reach out to get you information about Marching Band Camp (7/20-7/22 for students new to Marching Band; 8/1-8/12 for all Marching Band students).

* Is your Zebra participating in Athletics next year?

Looking for info about Athletics - Schoology is where it is at!

If your student is looking to play a sport at LHS, there is information posted regularly all summer in Schoology about open gyms, tryouts, paperwork, and more. Is Schoology new/unfamiliar to you? Your student is likely an expert (we use it in middle school and high school in WPUSD extensively), but here is info about how to access it if you aren't an expert: https://lhs.wpusd.org/families1/resources/schoology-for-families

* If you are a new enrollee to WPUSD, you won't have Schoology access yet (unfortunately!), but you can get information on our website - including Coach contact information. lhs.wpusd.org > Athletics tab > check out links under "Zebra Athletics" including coach contacts, what sports are offered which season, and (some) sports have more specific website info about their program.

We are looking to start a Lacrosse Program - are you in or interested?
We are also looking for interest in starting a Lacrosse program at LHS...we'd love to know if your Zebra is interested - let us know here: https://forms.gle/iDKpmAkTfFtNiQpQ8

Student Athlete Participation Forms

We are very excited to announce that the Lincoln High School’s Athletic Department has partnered with FinalForms, an online forms and data management service. FinalForms allows you to complete and sign athletic participation forms for your students. The most exciting news is that FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning that you will never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible, for each of your students, saving you time.

You may review your data at any time to verify it is current. You will be required to sign your forms once per year and after any update.

Click on the Parent Playbook (click here: https://bit.ly/FFParentPlaybook) to get started in FinalForms. If you require any support during the process, scroll to the page bottom and click “Use Support”.

We are asking that ALL parents of athletes use FinalForms.

Please register at: https://westernplacer-ca.finalforms.com/ and follow the prompts to create your account, create your students and sign your forms.

Thank you for your assistance in streamlining our paperwork processes at Lincoln High School.

Athletic Contacts & Information

***Looking to get involved?

Our LHS Booster Club is looking for new members! Our boosters support clubs and sports as a 501c3 organization, they support LHS fundraising, support us with tax filing, they run our Zebra Store and they provide scholarships for LHS Seniors. To get more information, click here or see the flier below and contact Boosters (Tara, Jan or Lisa) at lhszebraboosters@gmail.com.

***Student Employment

We offer a few ways for students to work on campus while a student at LHS.

  • We hire upper-class students as academic, AVID and bilingual tutors (watch for info via schoology once school starts) on campus
  • Our food service team is hiring students in grades 9-12 to help with breakfast and lunch service on campus
  • You can also stop into the office to pick up a work permit for off-campus jobs

Interested in the food service positions? Check out the flier on the left and contact Christina Lawson, food services director at clawson@wpusd.org for more information.

* Being in Touch With You!

A reminder that we communicate with families via email - directly and/or through ParentSquare notifications based on the contact information you've given us in your registration or PowerSchool update each spring.

We also communicate with our students via their WPUSD email and/or through Schoology. Brand new WPUSD students will get that login info on their first days of school!

We also post information on our social media feeds (get those details below!).

Don't miss anything. Check your email regularly and encourage your students to do the same! We try not to over-send (although it doesn't always work out that way!) :)

Connect with Us!

Social Media
  • Facebook @LincolnHighSchoolWPUSD
  • Insta @lhsfightingzebras


  • School and Athletics Calendars are here!

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