Christmas in Australia

Celebrated on December 25


A man stole a pound of flower and was sentenced 200 whips.The people were nice and gave him 150 whips sense it was Christmas.Children sing Christmas carols,such as "carols by candlelight".

when they celebrate Christmas/ special foods

They celebrate Christmas on December 25.They eat special food such as roast turkey,and steamed pudding in over 35 degree heat.

presents/Christmas symbols

They get any thing they want like toys,movies,games,and furniture.Some symbols like candy canes,Christmas trees,and the star are an example for Christmas symbols.


Their Santa is called "swag Man".He wears a brown akubra,baggy shorts,and a blue singlet.He spends all winter under an Uluru,with his merry dingoes.When it's Christmas time,he gets in his huge four-wheel drive and sets of in the red dust to deliver the presents.

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