by Steve Sheinkin

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The genre of this book is non-fiction.

This book is very good, even for being a nonfiction book.

No preston, it is good, no matter what you say.

This book is about top scientists on a mission to create the world's top bomb.

Imagine living in the age of World War II, and the world's top nuclear physicists have found out a way to split atoms, called nuclear fission. This fission creates a great amount of energy capable of destroying cities. And that's just what they did. After creating the bomb out of uranium, a B-29 bomber is sent out to destroy Hiroshima, in an attempt to make Japan surrender from the war.

Characters of BOMB

There is LOTS of characters. These include scientists like Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Ferman, and Richard Feynman.
All of these characters are scientists with a normal background, which all changed when the race for the bomb started.


The overall theme of this story is really anticipating, because bothe Germany and America are in a deadly race to create a bomb.

Who would enjoy this book?

The kinds of people who would enjoy this ype of book are science-fiction lovers and non-fiction readers. Also, if you like science, you will enjoy this book.

My reaction to reading this book/ overall impression

Wow. Just wow. This book is WELL worth reading, because it is interesting, and very factual! This book is a must read, because it gives you good information on how USA won world war II with a bomb, while intriguing you with it's fast-paced story line!

this is somewhat what it looked like, when the bomb exploded.