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The Internal Family Systems Interweave - 5 ceu workshop

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Participants must have completed EMDR Basic Training and at least have attended one previous workshop on IFS. This workshop will not provide basic information about either model. It assumes participants are knowledgeable about both models and seek to integrate the two.

Altoona, PA

March 22, 2018 -- 9:45-4:30

Heartspace Wellness Alliance, 217 Union Avenue, Altoona, PA 16602

Limited space, sign up early!

Philadelphia Area

October 13, 2018 -- 9:45-4:30

The Resiliency Center at Flourtown Commons, 1811 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 212-213, Flourtown, PA 19031

Limited space, sign up early!

Approved for 5.0 CE hours by CSL, ASWB & NBCC

Approved by the Center for Self-Leadership for 5.0 CE hours toward IFS certification and recertification, and 5.0 CE hours by ASWB & NBCC.

Application is being made for 5.0 EMDRIA CE credits.

Registration fee is $150 for 5 hour IFS-Informed EMDR.

Altoona Location: Check out The Unburdening of Dot workshop offered the next day for another 3 CE's, followed by 2 hour IFS group consultation for an additional 2 IFS cert/recert CE's.

Register here or Email Bruce. See discounts for early registration and multiple events.


Enhance your perspective, make new connections, integrate these two models in creative new ways. When using EMDR, many practitioners have found that, very quickly, we find ourselves dealing with ego states, resistance, and difficulties establishing target states, overwhelm, or maintaining effective dual attention.

Francine Shapiro understood this early on and supplemented the Standard Protocol with the Cognitive Interweave. Many others have since suggested various other interweaves and supplementary or alternative protocols, as well as Resource Development and Installation (RDI).

Internal Family Systems, a systemic ego state model, when superimposed on the EMDR process provides an illuminating map of the process and serves as a guide in selecting the appropriate interweaves or interventions at critical points throughout the EMDR standard protocol.

Participants will learn that functional Dual Attention requires Self-Presence and the co-presence or activation of a Target Part in relationship to the Self. This workshop promotes the understanding that many problems commonly encountered in the EMDR can be averted by recognizing this principle and applying simple practices taught here.

This workshop presents a specific view of ego states in the context of EMDR therapy & proposes additional practical scales besides SUD & VOC for measuring their properties, as well as elaborating useful ways of obtaining target elements in the assessment phase, by superimposing IFS concepts upon the standard protocol.

While adhering to the standard definition of EMDR the workshop compares IFS concepts to those used in EMDR and provides IFS-trained EMDR therapists with additional perspective with regard to the appearance of ego states, defenses, and relational phenomena, which transpire particularly in the course of phases 3 and 4.

Program Outline

  1. Defining Dual Attention: Energy, Ego States, Self & the Protective System
  2. Measuring the Energy: EMDR & IFS Scales
  3. Optimizing Target Conditions: IFS-Informed Assessment Phase

Course Objectives

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Name one advantageous aspect of the IFS concept of Self that is not explicitly included in EMDR’s Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) system.
  2. Explain the relationship between functional Dual Attention and Self-Presence.
  3. Describe the concept of energy as it applies to Protective Parts and how this can be measured and processed within EMDR.
  4. Describe the concept of energy as it applies to qualities of Self and how these can be measured and installed as a resource within EMDR.
  5. Name at least one way that IFS language can used in obtaining a PC or VOC.

Workshop Leader and Consultant

Bruce is an experienced workshop and retreat leader who will facilitate the co-creation of a gentle and safe learning environment wherever this workshop is offered. He has led and co-led many local IFS workshops, as well as several IFS conference presentations. Bruce has also published short animated educational introduction videos on IFS (Finding Your Parts) and EMDR (EMDR at a Glance) on YouTube.

An LCSW in private practice at Altoona, PA for the past 30 years, Bruce provides advanced consultation in IFS, EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis and Sex Therapy in person, by phone and Skype.

Host IFS-Informed EMDR at your location:

Additional dates will be scheduled at Heartspace Wellness Alliance in Altoona, where Bruce practices.

However, this workshop can be offered at your location. Participants must have at least some IFS experience through training, therapy, or reading and be EMDR-trained.

Please email Bruce or call 814-944-3852 for details regarding scheduling and financial arrangements.

Accommodations & Travel Information for Heartspace

You must arrange accommodations separately, as they are not included in the workshop/retreat fee. Complementary coffee, tea, water and a variety of nourishing snacks will be made available on-site.

Follow this link to detailed travel info for hotel and other transportation information.

Rent a cabin, hike or kayak at Canoe Creek State Park.

Bike the Lower Trail or other local Rails-to-Trails,

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