FEC Weekly News

December 16th, 2015

This week...

This has been a week of ups and downs at FEC. Hearing about Anthony Monday morning was heartbreaking. I know that we will all miss his sweet smile and sense of humor very much. As always, our staff members and the district have come together to help the family and each other.

Yesterday, Linda and I delivered the ham, turkey, and money raised by the bus barn and the wishing well. Anthony's family was beyond grateful. They were looking for Spider Man decals and our own fab lab has made them. One Stop Custom is also donating to this cause. When Linda and I were there, Jennifer was receiving donations in the mail from people they didn't even know. Her neighbor came over and had been all over town asking for donations. The generosity he discovered all over Fulton was overwhelming. It has been heart warming to watch our community come together to help this family.

All of our holiday activities were great!! THANK YOU to Kara and paras for organizing the Candy Cane Trail. I know that took a lot of time and effort and we all appreciate you. Also thank you to Kara for finding our Santa and Mrs. Claus, and to Mr. Peak for bringing the banjo. And thank you to PAT for donating books to all of our students from their grant!! Oh - and thank to Ashley K for our SPECtacular lunch on Wednesday. And Patty for covering for Linda. I could go on and on. :) Our assembly should be a blast!

I hope that everyone takes the time this break to fill your own buckets. Spend time with loved ones and RELAX. Lots of hot chocolate and cookies. :) I hope you all have a relaxing, refreshing, and restoring two weeks.



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Awesome Resource to share!!

Jan McEver (TK SLP) shared an amazing site with me. Blue Valley Apple Tree school is a preschool in the St. Louis area. They have a lady there who has written a ton of early childhood songs. She performs them on youtube with the kids. Below is "Bee-ing Me" - an awesome song about being safe, respectful, and responsible. There are a lot of other great ones as well!

Also - if you go to their site and sign up (it's free) there are a ton of resources, including the videos I've started putting in our parent newsletter.

Beeing Me - Music Video

Problem Solving Team

Please make sure you are filling out referral forms for the PST, if you have a need. If you get busy we understand - just shoot me an email letting me know the students you have a concern with. That way we can get them on the calendar. We've made huge progress with the students already referred and we want to keep the cycle going!

ECSE teachers, the behavioral intervention process is continuous. I know that your students are at the top of the tier process, but if you are having social/emotional issues you are welcome to refer them to the PST. Having a team of support and fresh ideas could be what some of your students need!

Things to Remember...

December 17th: Assembly and Santa visit

December 18th: District PD Day on Mental Health (7:50 - 3:00 High School Commons)

December 21st: January 3rd: Winter Break - no school

January 4th: First CD book study @11:00

January 8th: Assembly (Pretzel with Roz, review 4S line with Trisha)

January 15th: PD Day

January 22nd: Movie night/book fair

February 8th - 12th: Prek progress monitoring

February 12th: PD Day - DRDP training

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