Reproductive Cloning

EQ: Is cloning necessary?


Clones are organisms that are exact genetic copies. Every single bit of their DNA is identical.

Benefits of Cloning

· Bringing back dinosaurs

· Bringing back deceased pets

· We could produce more meat if we cloned cows

· Help with pollution because you could clone plants of the best trees and plant them in polluted areas

· Helping endangered animals have a larger population

· If a person is infertile they could have a clone if they take the parents DNA.

Dangers of Cloning

· It may take many tries to create this clone

· Some of the clones will have defects when born such as a nub of some sort.

· It takes time for a clone to be made so the public may get angry for taking too long

· If we clone humans bad people may clone themselves so they can live longer and rule a country or empire longer.

· Cloning has a very high failure rate

. The pregnancy might fail