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February "For the Love of Math"

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Teacher Time Outs: Making Learning Public

As facilitators, MCLs and teacher leaders you are often thought of as the expert in a room. What I love about this short 8 minute video is how public it make the process of learning. Teachers are amongst a peer learning group alongside students. Many layers of learning take place in the process. Check this short video out and consider what this might look like in your buildings.

Graham Fletcher: "Tweeter" of the Month

Check out Graham's blog "Questioning My Metacognition" and be amazed! He is a coach out of Georgia who is doing amazing work. His blog is full of nifty "3-Act-Lessons" that are aligned to the common core. He also features bloggers that inspire his work in the "my addictions" section of his blog. The teacher faculty lounge just got a whole lot bigger! Enjoy the collaboration!

The Progression of Division

The Progression of Division

Using Graham's While Reviewing for the EOG

I have been thinking a great deal about EOG review these days. The best way to teach test taking skills is to teach them little by little over the entire year. Imagine reviewing for the EOG using an integrated approach.

What if we reviewed for the EOG like this?

Math - Science - Literacy

Consider reading this article written by a school principal regarding the impacts of sugar and follow up the study with this great 3-Act Lesson by Graham Fletcher. Achieve your EOG practice in literacy and math. Close things out with a sample item formatted after the EOG to teach children explicit test taking strategies (no more than 10 minutes).

Act 1

Sugar Cubes (Act-1)

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Professional Learning Opportunities

We have received many emails requesting PD from schools. EW have been out to deliver school-based PD to many schools. There are so many schools and teachers who are still in need of professional learning around math content and pedagogy. The only problem is that they are not showing up to PD. We are committed to finding out why and what we could do to help with this. Please share the survey link below with your teachers. Their feedback will help as we plan forward.