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The First Month in the LLC

The Library Learning Commons (LLC) newsletter, Library Limelight, is a monthly newsletter written by me, the OGS Library Media Specialist, Betsy Tocabens. The newsletter will provide information about books, technology, innovation, and all the wonderful work occurring at OGS among the teachers and students. Please continue reading for this month’s limelight feature....

At the start of the school year, students across the district complete a Digital Citizenship Bootcamp to learn and/or review the rules when using technology and iPads. While digital citizenship is a required course at the start of the year, being a good digital citizen should be embedded throughout the year across all curricula.

In the first month of school students also learn about the OGS Library Learning Commons space and how it is organized. They learn how to locate books, care for books, and check out books. In Kindergarten and first grade, students can check out 1 book. In second grade, students can check out 2 books. In third grade it increases to 3 books and in fourth and fifth grades students can check out 4 books. Book Exchange occurs once a week for each class. Many of the older students require books for research purposes which is why the number increases as students move up in grade levels.

In addition to the LLC, students in grades K-2 participate in an Innovation class in the LLC Innovation Space. Students engage in weekly challenges and curriculum based projects, that allow them to learn and explore the engineer and design process. There is also a focus on social-emotional learning through cooperation, collaboration, and discussion while working in partnerships or small groups. Innovation also occurs in grades 3-5 in collaboration with the classroom teacher. We work together to plan and co-teach lessons or units that support the innovation standards. Stay tuned to learn more about assured innovation experiences in kindergarten through fifth grade.

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October Events & 3 Reasons to Attend a Fall Book Festival

October Events in the LLC:

How Many Seeds in this Pumpkin?

  • There's a resident pumpkin in the OGS LLC this month and students get to partake in a guessing game in a chance to win a free book to keep forever! Yes, forever! At the end of the month of October, I will cut open and count the seeds inside the pumpkin. If a student guessed the correct number of seeds or closest to the correct number of seeds, they will win a FREE BOOK to keep forever đź“š

Fall Leaves & Autumn Harvests

  • Students in kindergarten and first grade are learning about the changing season of Fall. We have been leaf detectives, studying leaves and their differences and lightly discussing photosynthesis and why leaves change color. In second grade, students are learning about Fall, Autumn Harvests, and celebrations around the world this time of year.

Haunted Reads

  • Students in grades K-2 will soon be listening to some spooky stories in the LLC during a Media class, and classics like, Room on the Broom. Many of the stories boost student confidence, debunk myths, and encourage them to read. You may notice some of your children bringing home spooky stories as they browse the Halloween section in the Library. Please see the photo from Capstone that shares more information about how "Scary Books are Good for Kids".

3 Reasons to Attend a Fall Book Festival:

Reason 1: Research shows that access to books is important. Having books in the home has been proven to:

  • improve a child’s reading performance.

  • encourage children to read more and for longer lengths of time.

  • increase positive attitudes toward reading and learning among children.

Reason 2: Children listen to authors’ presentation and then choose to buy a new book and get it autographed. A personal connection of meeting an author does make an impact. In a recent national survey, when students were asked which book they had enjoyed most, 80% of them said that the one they had enjoyed most was the one they had selected themselves. In addition, students who choose what they read are more motivated, read more and show greater language and literacy development. Book Festivals are wonderful opportunities for students to self-select new books.

Reason 3: It is critically important for children to read for enjoyment. Children and teenagers who read for pleasure on a daily or weekly basis score better on reading tests than infrequent readers. Frequent readers also score better on writing tests than non-readers or infrequent readers. Beyond the impact on testing, students who read more have a greater understanding of the world around them and their place in it. They develop empathy and open-mindedness when they read about characters unlike themselves. Their hearts and minds are nurtured when they read for enjoyment. Be very careful to not make independent reading feel like a chore. I have heard more students state that they loved reading until it became forced upon them like a chore. If this begins to happen, immediately start implementing a family read aloud time. Your child will embrace this special one-on-one time with you and begin to fall in love with the power of story.


Rye Children's Book Festival

Sunday, October 10, 2021 from 10 AM to 4 PM

Saugatuck Storyfest

Pink or Treat with Victoria Kann

Saturday, October 30, 10 AM